ALIEN TANGO Releases New EP ‘Friends!’ Out Now Via GROUND CONTROL

March 16, 2020
Photo Credit: Kirkpatrick Buffet

ALIEN TANGO Releases New EP ‘Friends!’


London transplant from Spain Alien Tango releases new EP ‘Friends!’ a zany look into his oddball-pop world.

Behind Alien Tango and its surrealist vaudeville hides Alberto García. He may be located in London, and raised in Murcia, but his antennas are directed to outer space, from where he receives what he claims are the classics from a parallel timeline. Speaking on his latest slice of cosmic gold, Alberto says:
“Friends!” is my third EP, after “Supernatural Mango” and “Isla Bonita”. In the latter I gave free pass to my experimental side, taking the capabilities of my live band to the extreme, so this time I have explored my pop sensibilities in a futuristic way, using synths and drum machines.

The intro, “Count On Me”, is an homage to anime intros from the 80’s and it’s in a made up language that tries to sound like Japanese, plus a couple of motivational verses in English.

After that, “Friends!” is my attempt to make the most progressive pop tune (while keeping it catchy), and it’s about living in London with my best friend Oso Peligro. Somebody called it “the summer hit song of 2069

“Heavenly” is about loneliness and was inspired by a perfume commercial, and the last song, “Golden Days”, is another instance of my tradition of putting the craziest song at the end of the EPs. It’s about feeling detached, the Instagram culture and how what is designed to bring us together is only pulling us apart.”

Alien Tango is part of the freshest wave of Spanish musical talent breaking through right now. Sharing management, as well as an off-kilter flair with the likes of Hinds, The Parrots and Baywaves there’s strong pedigree to their whimsical weird-pop.
Tackling themes such as caring for your elders, ‘sexy time’ and supernatural mangos across their glam, psychedelic tracks, the droll audio vignettes are recorded in sordid bedrooms and kitchens across the warehouse district in London where he lives. Live, he is backed by a full band, they cook a confusing, colourful live experience falling somewhere between Frank ZappaThe Lemon TwigsJimothy LacosteFoxygen and MGMT.
The ‘Friends!’ EP from Alien Tango is out now via Ground Control (HINDSThe ParrotsBaywaves).

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