ACTIVITY (ex-Grooms) share ‘NUDE PRINCE’, the final glimpse of their debut album, due via WESTERN VINYL

March 18, 2020
Photo by Ebru Yildiz


NYC band share ‘Nude Prince’, the final glimpse of debut album

Unmask Whoever out 27th March via Western Vinyl

New York’s avant four-piece Activity today share glacial new track “Nude Prince“, the final single from their debut album Unmask Whoever, out 28th March via Western Vinyl. Pre-order the album here:

The band explain the track: “Those icy synths for whatever reason made me think of the title and I worked back from that into this idea of what happens to the families of people, specifically men, who do shitty things, especially after they get caught. This one was pretty much totally cut together piece by piece in the studio, not live at all.”

Activity gleefully discard the more weary connotations of indie rock through a natural and intelligent use of modern implements. Their debut album, Unmask Whoever forms a casually menacing framework for lyrical themes of paranoia, exposed character flaws, and the broader human capacity for growth when an ugly truth is laid bare.

Despite the recurrent aches of discontentment throughout Unmask Whoever, each track glows with radiant waves of catharsis manifesting itself in urgent tempos, glimmering guitar, and an atmosphere-forward mindset that enables Activity to subvert rock band orthodoxy. It comes as no surprise that when each member was asked about the highlights of their individual careers, they all pointed to this band as a joyful corner of their lives, a space within which they could flourish in the complement of their mutual abilities, and vent woes too great to tackle alone.

Formed just a year ago in NYC, vocalist/sampler operator Travis Johnsondrummer Steve Levine (both of Grooms), bassist Zoë Browne (of Field Mouse) and guitarist Jess Rees (of Russian Baths) came together to create a wholly new architecture under the guidance of engineer / producer Jeff Berner (of Psychic TV). Their debut sees its creators’ abilities gel with one another to reach new levels of interplay and fruitful cooperation.

Unmask Whoever sees its release via Western Vinyl on March 27, 2020. For more info or to pre-order, gohere.


In Motion
Calls Your Name
Spring (Low Life)
Nude Prince
Earth Angel
I Like the Boys
Violent and Vivisect
Auto Sad

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