SUNWATCHERS announce new album ‘Oh Yeah?’, due 10th April on Trouble In Mind, share opening single ‘Sunwatchers Vs Tooth Decay’

February 5, 2020

New York jazz-punk four-piece announce new album Oh Yeah?
Due 10th April via Trouble In Mind Records

Full throttle first single ‘Sunwatchers vs. Tooth Decay’ unleashed

New York free-jazz outfit Sunwatchers are back with their fourth record Oh Yeah?, set to be unleashed onto the world via Trouble in Mind on 10th April. Preorder here:

New single ‘Sunwatchers vs Tooth Decay’ once again finds them in blistering form, despite barely having time to breathe since the last Sunwatchers record. With a title referencing an album featuring athlete and activist Muhammad Ali, the track exudes the pent up political frustration and chaos that have come to define Sunwatchers. 

The band expand on their creative process: “It took months of focused improvisation on the general idea, was inspired and propelled by Peter’s exploration of the 8-string bass, octave-coursed not fusion-huge, and represents an expansion of an unrelenting stomp-idea like Herd Of Creeps mixed with our newfound compositional love of space/dub-emptiness.”

More about Sunwatchers:
Despite (perhaps) being the band’s most accessible & melodic work to date, New York quartet Sunwatchers‘ fourth album arrives in a flurry of notes with the buzzing hum of “Sunwatchers vs. Tooth Decay”; the title referencing a 1976 album featuring athlete and activist Muhammad Ali. A cheeky nod to be sure, but laced with the utmost reverence.

This attitude sums up Sunwatchers’ aesthetic in a nutshell; the acknowledgement (typically via the band’s irreverent song titles or album art) that the things in life we should take seriously are better faced and understood when disarmed by a wink or nudge. The band may cloak their fiery activism in a jester’s outfit, but it does nothing to dull the force of their attack.

The one-two punch of “Love Paste” & “Brown Ice” hits next, with the former’s tender opening melody punctuated by exuberant “WOO!”s while the latter launches into an urgent, stuttering march that utilizes an effective musical wind-up and release, ratcheting up a ferocious intensity across its near six minute runtime. “Thee Worm Store” closes out the first side, beginning with a lumbering synth growl, until it picks up speed and ends as a frantic noisy free-for-all.

Side two strides forth with “The Conch”, an obvious ‘Lord of The Flies’ reference, and a delicious subversion of the idea of a “hero’s anthem” weighted down by the trappings of tribalism. The album’s showstopper however is “The Earthsized Thumb”, the near twenty-minute closing track. Guitarist Jim McHugh lays down a hypnotic Saharan guitar melody as the rest of the band ushers themselves in one by one over the tune’s distinct musical movements, a cosmic “Quick One” for all the heads perhaps? The album’s title “Oh Yeah?” is at once an homage to Mingus, Thee Oh Sees’ album Help (whose Brigid Dawson hand-sewed the tapestry adorning the album’s front cover), and (naturally) the rallying cry of KoolBrave himself – the Kool-Aid Man-as-Braveheart avatar the band adopted as their symbol.

The three years since the band’s second album (and TiM debut) “II” was released, has seen the band grace stages across the USA and Europe, enlisting more comrades in their mission of solidarity (sonically speaking) with every show. Oh Yeah? is released on CD, black vinyl (a limited “brown ice” version is available while supplies last) and digitally via most streaming platforms.

Sunwatchers vs. Tooth Decay
Love Paste
Brown Ice
Thee Worm Store
The Conch
The Earthsized Thumb


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