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PETER OREN shares new track “GNAWED TO THE BONE (COME BY)” from upcoming album “THE GREENER PASTURE” out via WESTERN VINYL

February 23, 2020
Photo by Francisca Isabel Figueroa


Woozy second single ‘Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)’ shared

New Album The Greener Pasture out 24th April via Western Vinyl

Peter Oren today shares ‘Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)‘, the second track from upcoming album The Greener Pasture out via Western Vinyl on 24th April. The album follows up the Indiana-based artist’s 2017 album Anthropocene, and continues the singer-songwriter’s blend of soothing yet dark country and folk. His third full length record, The Greener Pasture was mostly conceived by Peter when alone in a cabin near Nashville. Pre-order the album here:

Peter Oren’s thoughts on the song:
“I wrote the tune while living in a cabin near Nashville, IN, sitting on the porch at dusk listening to the owls. It was probably late spring to mid summer. It began mostly as a gibberish voice recording that was later deciphered and re-figured. Probably I was feeling lonesome because I let myself lean into excessive phone use ‘for research’.

The cabin is placed in a mature hardwood forest is about thirty minutes from my hometown, Columbus and thirty five from Bloomington, where I went to school for a couple years before dropping out. I didn’t make either drive all that much while at the cabin. Just grew some tunes and sank deeper into phone culture.

I’ve “Bloomeranged” in and out of Bloomington in my adult years and often drive state road forty-six, which connects Columbus and Bloomington. Along that drive is Gnaw Bone, Indiana. It seems to have slipped into the song subconsciously. 

It makes me wonder now in writing about it if I accidentally stole from someone else’s song. Seems like something someone in Wonderhills would write.”

Video creator Caroline Sallee’s (aka Caroline Says) thoughts on the video:

“Inspired by Michel Gondry’s short construction paper animations on Instagram, I decided to make a stop motion video mostly out of paper, with a literal dollar bill representing the main character. What started as a word-for-word representation of the lyrics turned into a stream of consciousness plot following the man made of money and his lonely night out on the town.”

Quick facts from Peter:
– I recorded the album mostly alone in a cabin near Nashville, IN
– The cabin had a pond and a wooded+hilly 60 acres
– It’s the first project I’d ever mixed, mastered, and seen out the door myself
– I traded files with musicians, some of whom I’ve never met in person, to record what I
needed a hand with, including Dan Bailey (drums, LA), Shannon Hayden (cello, Cali), Aaron Goldstein (pedal steel, Toronto), Laur Joamets (guitars, Nashville/ ATL), and Diederik Van
Wassenauer (strings, Netherlands).
– I had friends and local players join me for a few sessions, especially Mark Edlin, who played drums and helped with overall insight and feedback.

The Greener Pasture sees its release via Western Vinyl on April 24, 2020. For more info or to pre-order, go here. “Gnawed To The Bone” is streaming on all digital platforms here.

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