Magic Sword share second single from forthcoming album ‘Endless’ (Joyful Noise Recordings) – soundtrack to graphic novel

February 23, 2020
share new single “Invincible”
from forthcoming album Endless
out March 27 on Joyful Noise Recordings

11-track album marks final chapter of Volume 2
of ever-expanding graphic novel

Magic Sword, a trio of Immortals who lead the charge against evil in the ongoing multiverse (graphic novel, soundtracks and live performances), have today shared their second single “Invincible” from their forthcoming release Endless.  The album is the soundtrack companion to Magic Sword Volume 2, Chapter 3 graphic novel, which will be released via Joyful Noise Recordings on March 27.

With the three mediums intertwined from conception, together they are an epic experience for those bold enough to bear witness and come away with a deeper understanding of the ultimate hero’s journey. Armed with a musical and visual aesthetic that has its roots unabashedly buried deep in the golden era of 70s and 80s fantasy and sci-fi, its followers are called to another plane of existence where the struggle between light and shadow become all too real.

As the triumverate have proclaimed “Like with the cardinality of the continuum, the power of the Magic Sword has no beginning, no ending, and no limitations ……… It is INVINCIBLE”

Magic Sword is The Keeper of the Magic Sword (keyboards), The Seer of All Truths (guitar) and The Weaver of all Hearts and Souls (drums). The Chicago Reader described the unique comic book-meets-live performance as an entity that “take as much inspiration from John Carpenter as from Daft Punk to create a funky, metallic, ominous soundtrack to their own comics-inspired canon”.

The trio have already shared lead single “Depths of Power” HERE

Magic Sword’s previous releases include one full-length album, Magic Sword Vol. 1 (and the accompanying comic of the same name), and two EPS: Legend (accompanying comic: Magic Sword Volume 2, Chapter 1) and Awakening (Magic Sword Volume 2, Chapter 2).

The band will be on tour in the UK in May – dates to be announced shortly.

Pre-orders, which include “Empress Blue” vinyl and a copy of the accompanying comic book, can be found here:

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