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Introducing LA’s ‘Rooftop Gardens’ – New Single Due 28th Feb via Super Fan 99

February 21, 2020



Rooftop Gardens is described as transporting the listener to a time of 8-track players, flared jeans, AM Radio and Creem magazine. The perfect backdrop to a lazy 70s California afternoon daydreaming of your high school crush. In fact, lead track ‘Circles’ wouldn’t feel at all out of place sound tracking Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. Swirling guitar parts bring to mind Chris Bell Big Star while the forlorn vocal could be Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub making this a must for all power-pop fans.

‘Circles’ captures such a nostalgic time, a track resonating with emotion, melody and movement- a refresh orchestration from such a promising artist. A stand-out track that will consume you.

Originally from the Bay Area, Peter Maffei AKA Rooftop Gardens now lives in LA. As a gun for hire he has lent his guitar talents to Sugar Candy Mountain, Pearl Charles and The Blank Tapes among others. He currently plays in Cosmo Gold and is the USA half of transatlantic duo Born Fighters.

Circles is backed by the equally heartfelt ‘Never Let Me Go’ which features a slide line straight out of George Harrisons pocket. Rooftop Gardens sits comfortably with the Super Fan back catalogue- a perfect fit! 

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