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Grawl!x releases new album ‘Peeps’ via Reckless Yes

February 16, 2020

Grawl!x releases new album ‘Peeps’ via Reckless Yes

‘Peeps’, the fourth album from Derby-based multi-instrumentalist Grawl!x evolves their dreampop sound with a greater dose of electronics in the mix, as thematically they move from the melancholy solitude of grief (explored as a trilogy on the first three albums) toward the connectivity of friendship. 

Following on from 2014’s ‘Good Grief’, 2016’s ‘Aye!’, and 2018’s critically-acclaimed ‘Appendix’, ‘Peeps’ is a beautiful and emotionally resonant set of songs, stunningly arranged and for maximum impact without losing an ounce of the vulnerability and intimacy Machin shares. 

Machin said, “Having a friend is if nothing else: connection. Connection to something outside of yourself. Connection to an objective perspective. We’re social animals in the face of some pretty imposing spectres. You’re there to help each other; to live and laugh; even if it’s not forever. 

“Most of the songs take the perspective of two little people holding each other’s hand against a daunting, existential backdrop. It was rather challenging as it turns out to write more upbeat things without being cheesy. Fingers crossed we’ve succeeded. This shift also instigated a move toward more electronic sounds as oddly enough those are noises I associate with joy and connectivity; perhaps greater so than acoustic instrumentation, which personally is more evocative of introversion & melancholy.

The new 9 track album will leave any listener in awe. This album is a masterpiece.

From the get-go, ‘Peeps‘ is truly moving, an abundance of emotions runs through the album- simply stunning. In its entirety, ‘Peeps’ just exudes magnificence. Delicate notes lift the record into it’s diverse and enchanting journey. As each track effortlessly flows into the next, the record showcases Grawl!x ability to honestly captivate all within their craft. Hypnotizing instrumentation fused with such fragility within the vocals and intricate lyrics- a magical, bold and beautiful record. Each song is orchestral with its layers of textures and moving harmonies.

Peeps is one of the most meaningful releases constructed, this album commands your attention- an essential and purely inspirational listen of our time.

Grawl!x has created an expressive work of art. An album that will awaken your senses and inspire continuously.

The new record was released 14th February and available now via Reckless Yes.


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