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Simon Gore Shares ‘For Éliane’- New Piece Dedicated To Éliane Radigue Celebrating The Composers Birthday + Joins October Tone Records| Release Special

January 24, 2020

Simon Gore Unveils ‘For Éliane’- 18Minute Piece in tribute to Eliane Radigue, celebrating her birthday 24th January

Joins October Tone Records Family

24th January 2020- a date to remember for all. A significant date for musician and friend Simon Gore and for his musical inspiration. A date in which a prominent and crucial music label will also hold dearly.

Today we are thrilled to announce the partnership between Simon Gore and one of our favourite label’s October Tone Records. Today, Simon Gore has unveiled ‘For Eliane’, a 18-minute microtonal piece in tribute to Electronic music composer Éliane Radigue, who celebrates her 88th birthday on this date 24th January.

Éliane Radigue is one of the most celebrated and prolific instrumental artists of all time. The French composer and pioneering artist is a champion of her art. Her work dates back to the 50s and known for her use of compositions created with the ARP 2500 modular synthesizer and tape.

Having known Simon‘s love for synthesizers and being honoured to host his cassette releases in our store- it’s come as no surprise that the artist has dedicated a new release to the main influencer of his arts- Éliane.

The project was conceived in summer 2018 when the Welsh born, Norwegian residing, audio/visual artist, had the opportunity to privately record a pipe organ in a disused church for 6 weeks. Simon solely conducted every element of the production himself, from writing the piece to engineering the recording session, performing the instrumental, then analogue mixing the multi-channel recording at his personal music studio in Dikemark, Norway. The recording is one continuous take with no overdubs and is solely inspired by the works of Éliane Radigue.

Lasse Marhaug, Norwegian composer and noise musician who has worked with Simon, as well as being known for his work with several noise projects including Sunn O))) and Merzbow, offered his services for mastering Simon’s forthcoming album on which the track Eliane was originally included. Simon has listened to Éliane Radigue more than any other artist in the last 5 years, the artist has taken huge inspiration from her work, and working philosophies. Now on her 88th birthday 24th January 2020, and Simon who was born in 1988, he decided this date was the right time to release this as a dedication to Éliane.

The 18-minute composition is simply one of the most all-encompassing visceral pieces of our time. The orchestration feels like a piece of art, this release just consumes you in its entirety. Gore has this effortless ability to play havoc with your emotions due to his tonal deliverance.

This rich and lasting orchestration showcases Simon‘s efforts to create a pure iteration of drone/ambient music. He’s created a diverse landscape of voluminous sounds. It’s a devotional and purely immersive piece, and as dark as the projection is perceived, there’s something so warm and rhythmic about the release.

Listen to ‘For Eliane’ below or here

We had the chance to chat to Simon, if only briefly, to find out more about this release and why this is such a vital record on his behalf.

Thank you Simon for spending time with us once more. We are truly in awe by this piece and we’re desperate to know more about this composition. Tell us how and why this came about?

Initially, this track was recorded for another, forthcoming project. When deciding to release it as it’s own body of work, the format and dedication stemmed from there.

We understand how significant this release is, can you explain what this personally means to you? 

It’s just ridiculous that I get to do this with my life; it’s absolutely unbelievable. The entire conception of this has been a very emotive and intense journey, so this means the world to me.

We’re interested to know, does Eliane know about this release?

Yes. I wrote to her in the summer, enclosing a CDR of the track and asked her if she would mind us releasing it as a dedication and birthday present to her. Low and behold, she wrote back; “…Of course I’ll greatly appreciate you dedicate this beautiful piece of work to me…” – that was an emotional day.

In the past, we’ve discussed your recording process for your previous releases but this is something that captures us with its bold delivery. Can you tell us more about your record process for this piece, which we can only assume does differ from what we/you are used to?

This piece is a microtonal drone composition for solo pipe organ. It was recorded on an organ that had not been turned on for over 15 years in a disused church at a former psychiatric asylum in Norway. The recording is one continuous, live take with no overdubs. Written, performed and recorded myself with an 8-channel set up. I was given special permission to record in the building over a period of 6 weeks in the summer of 2018. I ended up with over 5 hours of recordings including sessions with Ijin and Bjørn Hatterud; most of which will be used in future sound art projects. Some has gone into other albums I have produced in the last year. But this piece is the real gem. It’s my new flagship. 

The artwork for the release fits perfectly- it’s equally as gripping as your single, can you tell us more about the cover art.

The record is a single-sided 12”. The blank side of the record features a specially commissioned screen print by Norwegian composer, noise musician and designer, Lasse Marhaug. He also did the graphic layout and mastering. My first passion in life is classic Volkswagens, and the screen print ink is being matched to a special 1950’s Beetle paint code called Diamond Green (which is actually gold). The idea came to me in a dream, so I was delighted when Tom from Printhaus in Cardiff was able to make it happen.

As we mentioned with the recording process, this release is different for you but can you personally share how this piece and projection has differed from your previous discography?

It is the most minimal recording I have ever released, yet, to me it has more feeling and conviction than anything before it. I’m thoroughly happy with it, which rarely happens, and it’s undoubtedly my coolest physical release to date.

We are so thrilled to see Simon Gore and October Tone Records joining forces, how did this involvement come about?

Around the end of 2018 I started looking for labels to offer some new work to. I was aware of October Tone through the band Quadrupède. They took a lot of interest in my work and were incredibly friendly and professional. So I went with them. When I discussed my influence from Eliane they were ecstatic. She is a national treasure in France and a global heroine within experimental music, so this release was kind-of a no-brainer.

With the digital single streaming now, we’re desperate to get our hands on the physical vinyl release which will follow – Is this your first vinyl release? 

This is indeed the first vinyl release of my own music. I’ve collaborated on other vinyl releases but not as a writer.

And for the record lovers out there, why this format?

I have listened to Eliane Radigue more than any other artist in the last 5 years and taken great influence from her incredible music. When I decided to release this piece as its own body of work, I needed a worthy justification. I was relaxing to my favourite of Eliane’s pieces, Isla Resonates, when I wondered about her birthday. As it was in January, it gave me enough time to sort the release out. I contacted Lasse to say I was going to release it as a dedication and birthday present to Eliane. His response was, “a single-sided, screen printed LP!” So that was that.

Congratulations on this masterpiece-is there anything else you’d like to share?

Special thanks to October Tone and Circuit Sweet for dealing with my continuous, erratic ideas and for being totally rad.

Happy birthday, Eliane Radigue. You are the heroine of experimental music. Thank you for your work, vision and kindness.


When Simon received his letter which is mentioned above, he immediately informed Lasse Marhaug and the team at October Tone and they began plans for the release. Lasse suggested a single sided 12” with a specific graphic, screen print design on the blank side of the record. You can see this visual graphic above.

The recording was debuted at Thomas Holme’s Støyal Jul event at Oslo’s Hausmania during Christmas 2018, which received a standing ovation.

On Eliane Radigue’s 88th birthday, “For Eliane” is now available to stream, purchase digitally and will soon be available to pre-order on 12” single sided LP from October Tone Records. We will be honoured to have a few records available in our store soon- keep an eye out.

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