Monako release new single ‘Take Care of Me’ alongside their EP ‘Take Care’

January 17, 2020
Photo credit: Florian Thoss

Monako Share ‘Take Care of Me’

From sophomore EP ‘Take Care’ out now

Canadian-German outfit Monako continue to create soft, jazzy dream-pop drenched in humanity and thoughtfulness with new single ‘Take Care of Me’, completing their journey of self-acceptance that started with the single ‘Town’ and carries on through their EP ‘Take Care’.

Born from nomadism; the band came to exist after Canadian Sadek Massarweh came to Hamburg in his early 20s to study, meeting Jakob Hersch. The duo jammed regularly and the addition of Montreal singer Naomie De Lorimier, and finally members Valentin HebelJan-Hendrick Schnoor and Pamier Hilal meant Monako came into full bloom.

Together they combine hazy, French-tinged vocals with jazzy percussions and glimmering synths, whilst exploring the most intimate parts of human experience. Having featured on the new Vagabon album, Monako are captivating with their dreamy soundscapes laced with subtle grooves.

Following singles ‘Town’ and the sombre ‘Aside’, new single ‘Take Care of Me’ demonstrates the outfit’s mastery of fusing indie-pop with distorted electronics and whimsical harmonies. Lyrically, the track strips back the meaning of self-care: Taking care of someone means primarily taking care of your own self. How can I be of help if I’m needed when I’m on the verge of breaking down myself.”

In ‘Take Care of Me’ we find a measured solution: “Repentance is the key, understanding and accepting ourselves is therefore the goal. But the road to repentance is a very long and not so glamorous one, it’s an everyday battle with yourself, hence the lyric “Different day, still the feeling is the same”.’

The accompanying visual, directed by Damineh Vaezpour-Semnani and Julia Wiedenmann reflects this: “Visually the audience is presented with near still lives of intimacy, co-dependency and loneliness in the form of human sculptures portrayed by our friends and loved ones,” Monako explain, “the composition, while built on calm and soothing images is often lightly distorted and twisted as to represent the narrow and frail path we each take to keep everything together and the chance of it all going downhill.”

Establishing themselves as one of the most interesting indie artists around, ‘Take Care of Me’ is proof of Monako’s ability to create dream-pop that not only transports but basks in intimacy, sadness and hope.

‘Take Care of Me’ is available on all online platforms from 17th Jan alongside ‘Take Care’ EP.

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