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DOOMSHAKALAKA (Ex Hot Club De Paris) shares new single ‘Black Balloons’ via Moshi Moshi Records

January 22, 2020
Photo credit: Nick Duckett 


Shares new single “Black Balloons”
Out now via Moshi Moshi Records

Doomshakalaka is a new project by Paul Rafferty, former vocalist and bassist for Liverpool indie rock band Hot Club De Paris.

On his 30th birthday, Rafferty formed a band called Doomshakalaka in his mind. The name was like “Boomshakalaka!” (a snippet of in-game commentary from the video game NBA Jam) but with a D, giving a usually celebratory exclamation a paradoxical sense of dread.

He set about concocting an album’s worth of songs that embraced this juxtaposed vision:

“I thought it would sound like being sad at a party or maybe it would sound like being invited to a party and feeling good about not going.”

Influenced by luminaries such as Television, Big Star, Wings-era McCartney, Deerhunter, and Pavement, Rafferty divided himself between the roles of writer, performer, engineer, producer and mixer and took about the task of making physical the sounds that had long lived unsatisfied in his head.

Now he shares the track ‘Black Balloons’, a bittersweet, melodic ballad that gently unfolds to reveal a series of passing landscapes; from a gentle, vulnerable opening to a turbulent twin guitar lead mid-section into a Microphones-esque meditative lead out, the song encapsulates persevering through the tough moments of a relationship and emerging with a true reciprocal understanding, soulfulness and happiness.

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