Mo Troper Shares New Single “In Love With Everyone” And Opens A Combination All Ages Venue, Record/Video Game Shop- Troper’s 3rd album, “Natural Beauty”, Out On Tender Loving Empire February 14th

December 15, 2019



Mo Troper is returning with his 3rd album on Portland’s Tender Loving Empire on February 14th and has shared the newest single today, “In Love With Everyone”.

The new song, clocking in at just over two minutes, is about the pernicious aspects of scattershot love and maybe even missing out on something, or someone, because you’re just too enamored with everyone else. Troper details the true-life story behind the song saying it is “about a date I went on with someone that I thought about every day for four years. They sang a Four Seasons song at a karaoke bar in Portland called Chopsticks and I fell in love with them. It didn’t turn into anything then because I was also in love with everyone else. (Though not nearly as much.)

The new singles continues to highlight the mature, but not too mature, full sound of Mo’s new album and new songs replete with horns, synths, video game bloops and everything you could want from an adorable, maybe kind of sad, power-pop tune. To even further put his money where his mouth is, both in terms of his nerdy obsession with video games and love of music Mo Toper opened a new all-ages venue/video game/record store in his home of Portland this Monday. In a world of shuttered venues and the slow death of record stores, his choice speaks to his tenacity and love. It’s pretty sweet. Vortex Magazine has all the details on the shop and Mo’s new single here

The first single from the album, “Jas From Australia”, is a quintessentially aging millennial ode to falling in love with someone off a video game message board. The single is accompanied by an  animated video that sees Mo going through his day, working at a used video game store, drinking at the bar, before riding into the sky on what appears to be a purple manatee with breasts.

“Jas From Australia” features a melody as buoyant and sweet as anything Ray Davies ever wrote, with a dash of Internet-age urgency mixed in. The song’s straightforward storytelling—Jas was Troper’s first love, they met online when they were teenagers, and never met in person—sets the listener up for this gut-punch two-thirds of the way through the song: “I said I was moving to Melbourne but I lied and now you know.” Troper relays the story of his yearning for a fellow video game nerd saying; “I wrote this song in 10 minutes about the first relationship I was ever in. It was an internet relationship with someone who I met on a video game forum. It was a really innocent romance characterized by a shared love of Nintendo games that was ultimately corrupted by callowness and message board drama. It was a nightmare coordinating a time to talk on the phone, since we were on other sides of the world and both were in high school. I would fantasize about moving to Melbourne to be with them, but we never met. It’s the millennial “Thirteen.”

Tender Loving Empire has released an eclectic mix of records including those by Dave Depper, Y La Bamba and Typhoon. They’re adding Troper’s irreverent power pop to the mix with his new album Natural Beauty, due out February 14th.

Mo Troper will be on tour in 2020, including a showcasing slot at SXSW, with dates announcing soon.

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