Ducks Unlimited Share Debut EP, ‘Get Bleak’ Out Now Via Bobo Integral

December 4, 2019
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“Lilting, throwback jangle-pop for the isolated and the underemployed” – Pitchfork

“A jaunty slice of C86 indie-pop” – Paste

“Johnny Marr-esque guitar hooks bubbling in a breezy, agile formula that rewards with pared-down swagger” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Rebellious anti-machismo” – Clash

“A cracking slice of strummy goodness” – Brooklyn Vegan

The Toronto-based jangle-pop quartet, Ducks Unlimited will release their debut EP, Get Bleak on November 29, 2019 via Spanish label, Bobo Integral. This new body of work trails earlier singles that found the band working with producer, Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Weaves, Fucked Up) and supporting the likes of Rolling Blackouts CF, Weyes Blood and Sacred Paws – the Get Bleak EP will be trailed with Canadian dates, including a headline show at The Baby G, Toronto on December 5, 2019. US and UK dates are expected to follow in the early stages of 2020.

The Brooklyn Vegan and Paste-tipped opening track, ‘Get Bleak’ sets a thematic tone for the EP that this time arrives recorded, engineered and mixed by the band themselves in guitarist, Evan Lewis’s bedroom. It’s an EP of cultural self-awareness, sewn together with songs that enable satiric critiques of society’s pressures and the often ridiculous demands – and prices we pay – to exist. Chiming with breezy indie guitar sounds akin to those of Flying Nun and Sarah Records acts, the track, that features a contribution from Laura Hermiston of Twist, pokes fun at the idea that moving from city to city will help to make peace with issues that bothered you previously. 

“There can be plenty of good reasons to leave the place that you’re from or somewhere you’ve made your home for a long time, but I think there’s this “grass is always greener” thing that in my experience, and anecdotally from people I know just isn’t true,” says frontman, Tom Mcgreevy. “It’s hard to move to a new place and you’re still going to be you when you get there with the same issues and hang-ups, plus you’re going to miss the people who care about you and they’re going to miss you.”

Following suit is ‘Gleaming Spires’, a track that zeroes in on the cities we live in and the push-pull relationships that we so often share with them. It evidences another slice of the group’s sinewy guitar sound, cut with a further example of Mcgreevy’s wit and ability to self-reflect: “It’s about the emotional energy that gets put into hating a place. I feel like the manic intensity with which I’ve heard friends sometimes shit on the town they live in is often pretty transparently an exercise in the displacement of issues in other parts of their lives.” 

Whereas the opening two tracks look at the cities we reside in, assessing what we demand from them and how we attempt to jigsaw-piece ourselves in, the remaining two tracks – ‘Annie Forever’ and recent single and EP-closer, ‘Anhedonia’ – find Mcgreevy diving inwards and in-turn, shining the torch on us as the products of society’s making. ‘Anhedonia’, via it’s tightly-wound rhythm and nostalgia-inked guitars, shifts focus to the times when one is unable to wring any joy out of the things that they find important in life, using resentment as a defence mechanism to cope with feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. 

‘Annie Forever’, however, splices a cooler tempo with Mcgreevy’s ability to weigh himself up. Part-inspired by an experience with psychedelics and the to-and-fro relationship he shares with spirituality and mysticism, it details those moments spent pining after somebody that you don’t actually feel that emotionally connected to, longing for something for the sake of it – for the feeling of missing something.

EP Tracklist

Get Bleak

Gleaming Spires

Annie Forever


Live Dates

Dec 05 – The Baby G, Toronto

Dec 07 – Redchurch, Hamilton

Dec 11 – La Plante, Montreal (w/ Motherhood)


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