Bull release new single “Bedroom Floor” – Out now on Amsterdam’s Six Def Records

December 10, 2019

Bull release new single “Bedroom Floor”

Out now on Amsterdam’s Six Def Records

“Bedroom Floor”, which was released November 29th 2019, is the newest audiovisual creation from York’s four piece Bull, and a follow up to their critically acclaimed single “Love Goo” which dropped in September

Written back in 2015, “Bedroom Floor” is being resurrected this year with the new band members. And just like several of Bull’s other releases, it was recorded with Remko Schouten of Amsterdam’s Ijland Studios, whose mixing and recording has now become a standard alongside Bull’s absorbing songwriting.

The track is partially built up on a guitar riff repeated in the chorus, it also features a tape effect right at the start and a guitar solo by Dan (lead guitar), which follows the melody line in an understanding sort of way.

The accompanying video was shot in a minimalistic setting and features the band’s friend Cees of Canshaker Pi. The visual includes Dutch subtitles, which are a nod to Bull’s growing fame and fanbase in The Netherlands – one can often find them travelling, recording, and gigging there with
friends and other local acts they’ve befriended over the years.

Another triumphant release from the band showcasing their endless talent by mixing up their energy, genre, influences and projections.

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