STATS Reveal ‘Remixes II’ EP Via Memphis Industries

November 24, 2019




London art-pop band Stats have released a new EP titled ‘Remixes II’ via Memphis Industries. The new release is a collection of innovative, electronic re-workings of tracks from their debut record ‘Other People’s Lives’ which was released earlier this year to great acclaim.

Of the new EP and the artists behind the remixes, Stats’ founder and front man Ed Seed explains When we first put the call out for remixes of songs on Other People’s Lives, we got a bunch of great banging versions of Lose It, as we kind of expected (and released, back in the summer) – but it was a nice surprise how many people brought out really emotional parts of the songs too. Here on Remixes II, we present three favourites from these lusher, almost-romantic reworkings.

Mondrian is the semi-improvisation modular synth project of Stats’ bass player Stu Barter, with his long-time Left With Pictures bandmate Tom Walker. I love how they’ve taken the middle 8 Lose It lyric, the really everyday stuff, and exploded it into something light and bittersweet but still quite strange. Void Complet came back with *two* versions of Never Loved Anyone, the ballad which closes our album – it’s kind of my favourite song, but I never thought it would be anyone’s remix choice! I love how on this one he’s made it so super-slinky and minimal, with a great unexpected surge of emotion in the middle – but somehow it also bangs? The Special Agent remix was the result of an offhand comment by Tom Andrews who mixed the record, when he said he’d happily wake up every morning to the synth sounds from Never Loved Anyone – so now he can, and you can too. Thank you as always to Bob Foster for the beautiful cover photo.”

Recorded at London’s prestigious RAK Studios, Seed and his full live band spent time tracking the live jams that would form the bones of Other People’s Lives which was released in February this year.

Ricocheting between 1970s art rock, 80s synth grooves and cosmic disco-pop, the record gained plaudits from Lauren Laverne at 6MusicElton John at Beats1, Radio X, Spotify and high praise from NMEThe Sunday Times,The Line Of Best FitThe 405 & Earmilk to name but a few supporters. The aim at RAK was to ditch structure and embrace spontaneity. “This way you can capture the moment of inspiration,” Seed says. “The special energy of six people losing themselves in what they’re doing, and somehow synchronizing into something none of them could have planned.” 

The sessions produced funk-tinged pieces of electronic-pop that accompany Seed’s compelling storytelling of humanity, domesticity, routine, love, loss and new fatherhood. Other People’s Lives investigates the gaps in the stories we tell about our lives. Seed explains: “This album is about recognising that my life story is full of holes. The world encourages me to experience my life as a narrative: a story in which I am the lead character, going on a journey, moving towards the discovery and realisation of an authentic self. Other people’s lives are presented to me as coherent, relatable stories, full of passion and travel and wonder.” 

Stats are now back in the studio working on the follow up to ‘Other People’s Lives’ and will perform in Brighton next weekend at The Hope & Ruin, followed by their last show of the year at Trans Musicale in Rennes on the 5th December.


November 30 – Brighton, The Hope & Ruin

December 05 – Rennes, Trans Musicales  

The debut album OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES is out now

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