HINAKO OMORI shares new track “Bank of Inner Criticisms”- EP “Auraelia” out this Friday on Injazero records

November 21, 2019
Photo credit: Ozge Cone


– Shares new track “Bank of Inner Criticisms”
– Debut EP ‘Auraelia’ out this Friday, Nov 22nd
  via Injazero Records

Ahead of the release of her debut EP ‘Auraelia’ this Friday, November 22nd via Injazero Records, and a show at SET in Dalston on December 4th, HINAKO OMORI has shared a new track entitled “Bank of Inner Criticisms”

After delving into a hard drive of instrumental demos, lyrics and field recordings made over a four-year span, ‘Auraelia‘ was born. The tracks are a sonic exploration of space, haziness and transformation, building on layers of synths and vocals.

New track “Bank of Inner Criticisms” is a delicate, hushed crescendo where iridescent electronics interweave brooding bass, and silence and space is used to powerful effect.

Hinako Omori is a musician with a love for synthesizers and anything that makes interesting sounds. Born in Yokohama, Japan she moved to London when she was three, where she is still based. Initially training to be a sound engineer, Hinako studied Music and Sound Recording at the University of Surrey and then went on to continue working in music, at a record label and as part of a curation team for a festival.  After session playing on the side, she leapt into working full time as a pianist/keyboard player and programmer – some of the artists Hinako has worked and toured with include Georgia, Kate Tempest, KT Tunstall, James Bay, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Ellie Goulding and Fionn Regan. 

Speaking about the EP, Hinako said “The idea of the tracks on Auraelia came about during a strange period of having daily migraines with auras for a month. The physical reaction I was experiencing from the auras – the haziness/blurriness/partial loss of sight and spots of light surrounding every day vision – also seemed to reflect the emotions I was feeling at the time – confusion, lack of clarity, ambiguity, mixed feelings of hope and melancholy…”

“I then discovered that Aurelia is a type of jellyfish, which also strangely seemed to fit the description perfectly! I recently found out that jellyfish don’t have a central nervous system or brain, but respond to stimuli detected from their tentacles – so they’re almost floating through the ocean, kind of helplessly, but perhaps with an innate sense of direction…”

Hinako’s debut EP Auraelia is set for release Nov 22nd via Injazero Records. 

See Hinako Omori live:
4th Dec – SET, LONDON

 Auraelia track list:
1. Auraelia
2. Memory Grooves
3. Swim
4. Meditation (Intermission)
5. Bank Of Inner Criticisms

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