Guest Singer return with new track ‘FOMO’, out now via Heist or Hit

November 15, 2019
Photo Credit: Graeme Oxby

Guest Singer return with the dark synth-pop of droll downer anthem ‘FOMO’, out now via Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Nature TV)

“Off-piste pop for the after-hours crew” Clash
“Guest Singer casts mellow 80s-flecked introspection” The Line of Best Fit

Having introduced an introspective brand of dark-party pop earlier this year with debut EP ‘I’m Irrelevant Now’, released via tastemaker label Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Nature TV)Guest Singer return with downer anthem ‘FOMO’ – tackling loneliness, measurements of self-worth and the titular fear of missing out on “something, someone, somewhere else”.

Spacious, atmospheric synths create a cage for paradoxically firm and trembling vocals, occupying a similar space to Alex Cameron, Future Islands or Bright Eyes’ ‘Digital Ash In A Digital Urn’, which was the most direct inspiration for the song.

Spear-headed by vocalist and main songwriter Jake Cope, alongside France Lahmar (Bass) and Paul Burdett (Guitar), and the creation process this time around took on a new life, a much more collaborative endeavour between the trio outside of a studio setting. A further developmental point of difference was that whilst recording ‘FOMO’ an instrument was never touched. Programmed like a dance track, layers evolved over time, morphing into the moody synth-pop cuts they’ve become – taking cues from the lyrical cadences and themes as they grew-up.

The mechanical process, and themes that are on-the-surface pretty bleak bely the warmth imbued in the tracks. Guest Singer are all about juxtaposition. Takes on vapid social media constructs are delivered with emotional depth and pinpoint satire across the lyrics, sounds, and visuals, and themes taking in the lower points of the human condition still glisten with hope.

An example of the cutting humour coming in fact in fourth-wall breaking opening line – “put this on your playlist, titled just never quite made it” as well as the self-aware, ironic social media presence of the band.

Elaborating a little further on this, Jake explains:

“Fomo isn’t a new thing. It’s a familiar anxiety pumped full of steroids by digital living. What we didn’t know didn’t hurt us. Now, things are rammed in our faces and it has an impact. I’ve always liked the ideas of songs that have two feelings; the music sending you one way, the words another. The music is for those having a good day, the words are for those that aren’t.”

With this well-honed, sophisticated, and at times sardonic approach they’ve turned the eyes and ears of industry gatekeepers like DIY Magazine, The Line of Best Fit and Clash, with BBC Introducing supporting strongly, and a live show growing in stature and acclaim.

‘FOMO’ by Guest Singer is out on November 14th via Heist or Hit.

Live Dates
15th November – Café Totem, Sheffield
5th December – The Castle, Manchester

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