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Dilary Huff Set To Release Debut EP ‘Overused Sayings’ November 15th Via Devil Town Tapes |Listen To Title Track Streaming Now

November 3, 2019
Photo Credit – Meg Dow

Dilary Huff Set To Release Debut EP ‘Overused Sayings’ November 15th Via Devil Town Tapes

Listen To Title Track Streaming Now

Overused Sayings is the new single which was unveiled to the world at the tail end of October- the new single from Melbourne, Australia solo artist
Dilary Huff.

The single is taken from their upcoming debut EP, of the same name and entitled Overused Sayings, the record will be released digitally and
on limited cassette run on 15th November via diy label Devil Town Tapes.

Overused Sayings is written about the rush of falling in love with someone and wanting to spend all your time with them. The track captures that intoxicating, almost adolescent experience through straightforward and dramatic lyricism, whilst taking sonic cues from the
sounds of pop-punk and midwest-emo.

The single despite the dark lyrics and story has a sunny projection with it’s pop-punk attributes. Lo-fi and illustrious Overused Sayings is a vital new release. Dilary Huff has honed in on the pop sentimentalities and effortlessly mixed in with bedroom lo-fi, the results are commendable. Dilary Huff is a dynamic artist and one to favor. Organic vocals and repetitive lyrics are the perfect combination to engage the listener. Only 2 minutes 34, this track desperately leaves you wanting more. Put the single on repeat and get ready to own the release on tape.

The title track from Dilary Huff’s aka Sally Hull’s forthcoming standout debut EP. Featuring 6 tracks of fuzzy, emotional lo-fi pop. Described as Sincere but never sappy, the EP pairs classic pop hooks with luminous interlocking guitar and bass melodies.

Overused Sayings is set for release November 15th via Bournemouth cassette label Devil Town Tapes, whose previous artists include Cult Film and omes.

Track Listing

1. Sinner Saint
2. Overused Sayings 
3. I Need to Hear That
4. Lucky
5. Compliments
6. Lovers on TV

Pre-order your copy now, on limited edition blue cassette.



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