DESERTA announces debut album and shares shoegaze-inspired ‘HIDE’ via FELTE

November 22, 2019
Credit: Jacob Boll


Ex-Saxon Shore mainstay announces debut album Black Aura My Son

Listen to the new single ‘Hide’

Swirling, enthralling and all encompassing, ‘Hide’ is the stunning new single from Deserta, a project from LA-based Matthew Doty – a former mainstay of Saxon Shore. Deserta is a change of direction for Doty; a shoegaze-inspired sonic exploration that explodes outwards in dense layers. Deserta’s debut album, Black Aura My Son, will be released 17th January 2020 via Felte. Pre-order the album here.

Matthew Doty explains the writing process behind this first single: “‘Hide’ was the first Deserta song. I had just moved into a new studio in LA. The new space provided some new energy and the foundation of the song came together in about a day.  Having a proper studio and no longer recording in my house let me turn up the guitars and experiment with a voice I hadn’t used for singing in quite some time. Lyrically it’s loosely based on an X Files episode called “The Field Where I Died” about past life regression.”

Matthew Doty didn’t set out to write a solo album. His first batch of weightless and brightly lit material under the name Deserta began to take shape in 2017. Shortly after finding out he was going to be a father, Doty started working on a batch of songs inspired by the joy and the unknown of the world he was about to enter. That inspiration is the sonic and emotional backbone of debut album Black Aura My Sun.

Like a hot air balloon headed straight for the stratosphere, Deserta reveals yet another side of the songwriting Doty has spent decades refining. As experimental as it is enthralling, Black Aura My Sun applies the vapor-trailed production values and sublime dynamics of Doty’s previous group projects (including post-rock band Saxon Shore and the synth-laced post-punk of Midnight Faces) to a shoegaze-y sound that splits the difference between Slowdive and Sigur Rós

Doty began finding his own musical voice in the early ’00s with the sky-piercing efforts of Saxon Shore. While it was initially a collaboration with Josh Tillman (a.k.a. Father John Misty), Doty was Saxon Shore’s only consistent member over the course of five acclaimed records.  His responsibility spilled over into everything from booking shows to the songs themselves. He was never completely alone in his pursuit of post-rock perfection, however, so Deserta is very much a new endeavor: a trial-by-fire that was written, recorded, and mixed in total solitude. 

Deserta expands and contracts, with chords that drift like clouds, drums that drag and dissipate, and hooks that hang in the air for what feels like forever. That doesn’t mean Black Aura My Sun is a subtle or soft record. It actually whips up quite a racket and is particularly heavy when piped through a pair of headphones. 

Deserta is Doty’s main creative outlet right now and a one-way ticket to another dimension entirely. Black Aura My Sun is available from Felte on January 17th. Pre-order here.

Track list

Save Me
Be So Blue
I’ll Be Gone
Black Aura


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