Psych-pop absurdists GORK announce new EP ‘Class’, share new single ‘That’s Plastic Mate’

October 20, 2019


Six-piece garage-psych rabble release new single ‘That’s Plastic Mate’

New EP ‘Class’ out via Breakfast Records and Leisure Records

If dressing up, saxophones, recycling and general mayhem are your thing, then Gork are probably a band worth giving some time to. The Bristol-based group have announced their new EP ‘Class’, which is due to be released on 15th November by Bristol labels Breakfast Records and Leisure Records, as well as haywire first single ‘That’s Plastic Mate’.

Pre-order the EP here, including on limited edition tea-towel:

‘That’s Plastic Mate’ whisks you away into a world of 100mph guitars, surrealist lyrics and squealing saxophone, equal parts technicolour garage rock and absurdist psychedelia, distilling the band’s unhinged live sound brilliantly. 

Ed Soles, guitarist and vocals,saysthe track is sort of a public service announcement: “Little Bruce lived a normal life, unaware of our plastic oceans. Some say he ate too much fish, who knows maybe he did. Either way, he is an Evian bottle now. ‘Plastic’ warns parents everywhere of the dangers of this translucent lifestyle. If you don’t want baby Sarah or chubby Paul to wake up as a bottle then you best praise the bins and praise the recycling. That’s plastic mate.

Saturday 26th October – Killigrew Inn, Falmouth
Monday 28th October – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Tuesday 29th October – Elsewhere, Margate
Wednesday 30th October – Cafe Totem, Sheffield
Thursday 31st October – The Victoria, Birmingham
Friday 1st November – Ruskins, Kendal
Saturday 16th November – EP Launch Show, The Crofters Rights, Bristol

It’s hard to know quite what planet Gork are from, but it’s certainly not Earth. The Bristol-based six-piece inhabit a world much like our own, but the whole thing is warped, cartoonish and weirdly obsessed with cabbages.

Musically, the band create blasts of energy that are hook-laden yet surreal, crunching together garage rock, psych pop and punk with a Monty Python-like taste for the bizarre. The band first pulled back the curtain on their home planet with ‘Gunk’ in 2018, quickly following it up with their ‘Get Porked’ EP on Dental Records. They then joined forces with Breakfast Records for the first time on ‘Spoons’, a wobbly piece of surf-rock that helped cement the band’s reputation as head-spinningly brilliant mischief makers.

‘Class’ is the longest record the band have put together to date, and have dragged in Leisure Records as well as Breakfast Records to free it into the world, in both cassette and tea-towel form. It blends together the bands absurdist humour with wild sax playing and haywire guitars. No one can claim that Gork aren’t original in their songwriting topics; lead single ‘That’s Plastic Mate’ is an ode to reusable containers, whilst ‘Cabbages’ is all about, well um, finding a cabbage coming to life. It’s a technicolour bomb of weirdness, spinning your head in a thousand different directions.
‘Class’ captures the band’s anarchic live show (albeit with less cabbages thrown) that has catapulted them onto line-ups alongside The Murlocs, Public Practise, Goon Sax, Flat Worms and Snapped Ankles.

No two Gork shows are the same, mostly because they raid the dressing up box for a fresh look every show. The band has graced stages dressed as chefs, Mexican wrestlers and a very loose interpretation of footballers (including a referee who sent off most the crowd).

Whatever planet Gork are from, it’s best to buy your one way ticket now.

Gork are: Ed Soles (guitar and vox), Sam Brentnall (guitar), Ben Davies (bass and vox), (Jack Barnett (sax), Elliot Little (drums) and George Cook (percussion and vox)

Dance With Me
That’s Plastic Mate
Who’s The Person
Weird Decisions

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