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Introducing: TTRRUCES – Watch Psychedelic Debut Video ‘Sad Girl’

October 20, 2019

Introducing: TTRRUCES – Watch Psychedelic Debut Video ‘Sad Girl’

It’s notoriously hard to stand out in the congested world of new music, but that’s something that TTRRUUCES have achieved with their debut track ‘Sad Girl’. From their storytelling style to their unique sound through to their touching animated video, TTRRUUCES are doing something quite unlike anyone else around.

Their debut single ‘Sad Girl’ represents the first chapter of a grand narrative tale that will be told in full with TTRRUUCES’s debut album. The song introduces Sadie, the ‘Sad Girl’ of its title. She’s 17-years-old, depressed and different. As a musician who loves the icons of rock and roll history – BowieQueenTheVelvetUndergroundNirvana – Sadie feels out of place and out of time with her generation. She has few friends and has never had a boyfriend.

But little does she realise that she’s on the cusp of a much bigger adventure. As the song’s lyrics promise, “Have a little patience, you may find just what you’re looking for.”

The opening of ‘Sad Girl’ sounds like some long-lost masterpiece of late ‘60s psych folk that’s only just been rediscovered by a particularly committed crate-digger. Yet it constantly shifts into an individualistic amalgamation of other genres and sounds, taking in choral-style vocal harmonies, lush bursts of strings and a Zappa-esque guitar solo. 

That spirit of adventure extends to the striking video. Callum Scott-Dyson mixes a range of animation techniques to bring the ‘Sad Girl’ to life, in the process dropping some subtle references to a variety of legendary artists. The visuals that bring TTRRUUCES’s fictional universe will evolve with future releases, with a live action cast and experimental film techniques bringing the rock opera and its protagonists to life.

Though based in London, TTRRUUCES relocated to the French seaside for a year to give themselves the freedom to fully immerse themselves in creating their debut album. They produced it themselves before calling on Alan Moulder (ArcticMonkeysSmashing PumpkinsNine Inch Nails) for mixing duties. The song was mastered by France’s leading engineer Chab (DaftPunkChristine & The Queens).

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