HOT SHORTS share ‘My Cat Is Gonna Live Forever’ with new live dates

October 10, 2019


Manchester band share “My Cat is Gonna Live Forever” and announce live dates

New album I Understand and I Wish to Continue out 25th October via Icecapades Records

If Manchester band Hot Shorts are sure of one thing, it’s that their cat is going to live forever. So sure of this fact that the second single from their upcoming album I Understand & I Wish To Continue, out October 25th via Icecapades Records, tackles the issue head on.  

Named (obviously) ‘My Cat Is Gonna Live Forever‘, is a slacker anthem that balances the band’s razor-sharp lyrics with low-slung guitar chugs. Chris Killen said of the track: “‘My Cat is Gonna Live Forever’ is nothing more than a factually accurate statement about my cat, who is called Dorothy and who I love very much. Bonus fact: it was intentionally supposed to sound like one of those second-wave 1995 Nirvana rip-offs, like Stiltskin and that Kellogs advert (?), and I think we did a pretty good job. Bonus bonus fact: my cat sings backing vocals at 0:55.”


Wednesday 30th October – Venue MOT Unit 18, London
Saturday 9th November – Soup Kitchen, Manchester (Album Launch)
Tuesday 17th December – The Peer Hat, Manchester (Grotbags & Friends Xmas Fundraiser)

Originally formed in 2013, around the songwriting between guitarist Chris Killen and bassist Peet Earnshaw, Hot Shorts quickly picked up local attention, leading to two BBC 6 Music sessions for Marc Riley and support slots for Jeffrey LewisTrust FundThe Lovely Eggs and Ezra Furman.

In 2016 they expanded to a four piece, with the addition of drummer Lara Williams and guitarist Joel Nicholson. The new line-up were invited by Drenge to perform as part of their Tramlines showcase event in Sheffield (Eoin from Drenge also tweeting out around the time that Hot Shorts were his “favourite band of the past 5 years”), and later that year joined the bill at the Los Campesinos! curated ‘Us vs. Them’ festival in Leeds. Shortly after this, the band released the track ‘Metaphor for (Something)’ as part of cult label Art is Hard‘s postcard singles club series.

Recorded and mixed this year at Manchester’s Big City Jack’s studio, I Understand & I Wish To Continue is the band’s peppy second album which ably follows on from where the band’s excellent 2017 self-titled debut album left us. It is twenty nine minutes of cascading hook-laden pop precision from one of Manchester’s finest breakout bands of recent times. An assured and engaging affair, the record is ten tracks of 90’s tinged slacker anthems and the occasional luxury indie lament, deftly arranged and crafted by the band over the last two years.

Unsurprisingly, for a band featuring two published authors, the lyrics on this album take centre stage. Songs like ‘Lostprophets Tattoo’, ‘Don’t Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before’, and ‘I Found You on Myspace’ are keenly observed vignettes which blend knowing pop cult humour, keen social observations and the occasional dollop of self introspection. It’s a wonderful, lyrically savvy album, designed to leave the listener feeling amused, discerning and invited firmly in on the joke.

Chris says of the writing on the record, “Pretty much all of the songs are either about feeling really old and embarrassing and/or music from my past…the songs are mostly.. about being slightly too old and British to still be into 90s alt rock as much as we are, but there is also one about being afraid to go to space on there and also one about a cat”.

Fans of their previous release will not be disappointed. New listeners will find a new favourite to cling to over the months ahead.


No Jokes
Please Don’t Make Me Go to Space
Who Brings a Guitar to a Party?
Don’t Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before
I Found You on MySpace
Summer of 2012
I’m Not Mad (I’m Just Disappointed)
My Cat Is Gonna Live Forever
Lostprophets Tattoo
Beach Ballin’

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