DEAF RADIO premiere ‘Dance Like A Reptile’ | New album MODERN PANIC out next month

October 31, 2019

DEAF RADIO premiere ‘Dance Like A Reptile’ | New album MODERN PANIC out next month

Following the release of the KEXP/Classic Rock-approved singles ‘Astypalea’ and ‘Animals’, the Athens quartet release sophomore album Modern Panic on 15th November via ihaveadrum.


“And now for something completely different from these Greek ‘proponents of hard rock and grievous genre assault.’ They may have a point on both counts; this new single is psychedelic but also hooky and super heavy – in manner of QOTSA getting freaky (but groovy) after a big cigarette or two. Nice.”

Following the release of ‘Astypalea’ and ‘Animals’, Athens’ leading psych rock quartet Deaf Radio returne with the storming new single ‘Dance Like A Reptile’, ahead of the official release of their sophomore album, Modern Panic, on 15th November via ihaveadrum.

“Written at the secluded Sougia beach in South Crete, the song refers to a term used by psychologists around the world, called ‘the meeting point’,” explains vocalist Panos Gklinos.

“In fact, that was the initial name of the track but we finally decided to pick something that matched better the upbeat mood of the main riff. Meeting point is the point when someone realizes his addiction to a situation. This could be a relationship, a certain place or even drugs. People tend to seek for safe options when we got our backs up against the wall. But that’s not the point. We should fight against tough situations. The sooner you reach your meeting point, the easier you’ll leave it behind.”

As chief proponents of hard rock and grievous genre assault, ever since the release of their debut album in 2017, the band has been hailed by many as one of the most exciting alt-rock bands to emerge from Greece in recent memory. With Alarm garnering thousands of streams online and gaining ecstatic praise from sell-out crowds when performed live across Europe, expectation are high for the release of Modern Panic; a sprawling, exhilarating and breathtaking record that promises to leave no ear unturned.

Having shared bills with the likes of The Killers, All Them Witches, 1000mods and The Kills while touring in 2017 and 2018, Deaf Radio honed the sound and feel of these new songs on the road, live and in-person with thousands of fans in over thirty different cities across Europe. An endeavour which opened the band up to the most perfect proving grounds for testing new material, when seeking to make that perfect next record.

“There’s no doubt that Alarm‘s success set the bar high, but in reality, once you put a record out there it’s all out of your control. People can resonate to it and give it a whole new meaning. It’s a chess game, we made our move, now we can’t wait to see how people react and how they will experience Modern Panic.”

Due for worldwide release on 15th November 2019 on ihaveadrum, Deaf Radio’s Modern Panic can be pre-ordered here –


Panos Gklinos – Vocals & Guitar
Dimitris Sakellariou – Guitar & Vocals
Dimitris Georgopoulos – Bass & Backing Vocals
George Diathesopoulos – Drums & Backings Vocals

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