BENJAMIN SPIKE SAUNDERS shares ‘For the Benefit of Someone Else’ from debut EP ‘Tonsil Wife’

October 13, 2019
Image by Sam Lojek


Bristol artist shares ‘For The Benefit of Someone Else’

Debut EP Tonsil Wife out 18th October via Leisure Records 

Bristol’s most professional Professional Songwriter Benjamin Spike Saunders has shared another fragment of his upcoming debut EP, out 18th October via Leisure Records, the soaring ‘For The Benefit of Someone Else‘. Pre-order the EP here.

The track finds Benjamin in a predictably melancholic mood, with his half-whispered vocals and melancholic guitar strums hissing in intimate lo-fi, before a swelling, heart-wrenching violin solo turns his static crackle into full Dolby surround sound. 

Benjamin explains the thoughts behind the track: “Picture this, a kitchen full of dirty dishes, an overfilled bin bag and someone’s manky sock in the corner…this is no way to live. Think of ‘For The Benefit Of Someone Else’ as a tutorial for anyone wanting to have a clean kitchen but knowing that none of the mess is your own doing but powering through nonetheless. Let the song inspire you to get the Dettol out, bleach everything (including the sock) and brush up that lonely onion skin hugging the skirting board.”

Benjamin Spike Saunders wants to do standup, but he’s too much of a coward. Instead, Benjamin decided to stick to what he knows: button collecting, making creepy dolls, and writing music in his room.

Benjamin has been ever-present in Bristol for years now, as part of RinkKier and as part of fast-rising punks Cruelty, recently stepping into the limelight as a solo musician. ‘Tonsil Wife’ is his first ill-fated shot at stardom; a collection of songs written and recorded in Benjamin’s room over the last few years via whatever microphones he could get his hands on – but mostly via his phone. (Fun Fact: Benjamin has several times been cornered and asked what tape machine he records to and he has been too embarrassed to admit he just uses his i-Phone SE).

Snapshots and sketches, the fragility of the songs often make it feel like you’re peeping through a floorboard crack into Benjamin’s bedroom. Lead single ‘Delicate’ shimmers and glitches under the soft guitars, deceptively layered and rich, whilst ‘Ernest’, a touching tribute to Benjamin’s late grandfather features Fenne Lily on backing vocals. 

Last year, Benjamin shared his solo project for the first time with debut track ‘Long Friend’. The darkly funny video for the track earned Benjamin and director Marie Dutton slots at BFI Future Films Festival, BF Artist Film Festival and Beer Town Film Festival. Benjamin has also dipped his considerable toe into live performances, playing at Dot to Dot Festival, supporting John Myrtle and for a MS Society charity evening.


For The Benefit of Someone Else
Waiting For The Worst Time
Can You Eat

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