Tokyo’s SPARROWS shares 2nd single ‘La Chanson Du Kisuki (feat. Vincent)’, new album ‘Berries’ due 27th September via FLAU

September 20, 2019


Shares 2nd single ”La Chanson Du Kisuki (feat. Vincent)’

New album ‘Berries’ due 27th September via FLAU

Tokyo’sSparrows (aka Ryota Miyake, one half of electro-meisters CRYSTAL) gets truly global with his new album Berries, due 27th September via FLAU.  

Indulging in the “pale, dreamy, psychic” student days he spent abroad, Sparrows latest album enrols guest spots by international artists such as Fazerdaze (New Zealand), Julián Mayorga (Spain), Casey MQ (Canada), Vincent Ruiz aka Yung Veerp (Switzerland) and Iranian-American producer Kamron Saniee, the results of which create a cocktail of sweetly mellow road trip music that fuses Yellow Magic Orchestra-leaning psych-jazz pop with 16-bit video game soundtracks and flighty Beta Band outtakes.

Today he shares new single ”La Chanson Du Kisuki (feat. Vincent)’, a swirling avant pop adventure that whisks you away down the sparkling Rainbow Road of Miyake’s imagination. It’s both cosmic and fluid, but grounded and timeless at the same time: commercial music for an intergalactic voyage.

More about Sparrows:
“Travel is always the theme of Sparrows’ work,” says Ryota Miyake (aka Sparrows). It’s on his latest album Berries that this is truly exemplified, not just in the international smorgasbord of featuring artists, but in the actual feeling of the music itself. “I wanted it to be a little hard-boiled and rough,” he admits, “but in the end, the concept is to travel like science fiction.”

And when it comes to “travel like science fiction”, nothing does it better than Miyake’s latest body of work. Taking cues from the retro dadaist electronica of his band CRYSTAL, there are tracks like ‘Moon’, drenched in atmospheric VGM flavours, ‘The Star Tours’ which Ryota himself describes as “pre-YMO fusion”, and the “phony jazz band, acid house bass and synth noise” of ‘Bands In The Sand’. This theme of the “imaginary band” crops up more than once.

Elsewhere Berries tumbles along in a patchwork of ‘Coffee and TV’ jangle, splashy jazz elements, ‘60s psychedelia and galloping, airy space rock, making for a journey that’s as vivid as it is varied. Sounds, we’re told, from Miyake’s student days.

“I had a lot of opportunities to listen to jazz, fusion, and soul,” he admits, “but I decided on the overall tone thinking that I would be able to mix the feeling of the puffy life I had spent abroad with the pale, dreamy, psychic atmosphere I had always liked.”

Speaking of that “puffy life”, he was originally going to name the album Sparrows’ Lazy Life but decided on Berries when a friend suggested “a short title like Taylor Swift because there were a lot of sweet pop songs.” Each track on Berries bursts with flavour: the perfect road trip snack for a mystical mixed salad of journeys and travels.

Pre-order link:

1. Sweet Holograms
2. Gold In The Tide (feat. Fazerdaze)
3. Moon
4. Dreamy Puzzle (feat. Julián Mayorga)
5. Bands In The Sand
6. ‘La Chanson Du Kisuki (feat. Vincent)
7. Dizzy Jazz
8. The Star Tours
9. Never Knew That (feat. Kamron Saniee)
10. On Air (feat. Casey MQ)
11. Eating The Clouds
12. Home
13. From Belle’s To Olive

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