Mexican Radio continue to push boundaries on Pretty Out There!

September 23, 2019

Mexican Radio Share New Single “Pretty Out There”

Synth punk three-piece Mexican Radio have now shared their uncompromising sophomore album, Destruction/Reconstruction, out now via R.I.P. Ben Lee Records. To celebrate, the band premiered their new single Pretty Out There .

Talking about the single, Mexican Radio elaborate, “it was inspired by William S. Burroughs, an American author from the Beat Generation. Burroughs wrote highly confessional books about his prolific drug use, homosexuality, troubles with the law and general debauchery. He was a counterculture icon and really pushed the envelope with his lifestyle and his work. The song is sung from his perspective, unapologetically recounting his misadventures as he drinks, doses and screws his way around the world. It’s a declaration, a refusal to conform to society’s expectations of normalcy. Throughout the whole thing he insists that he’s “pretty out there,” and above all, that he’s “never gonna be too straight.”

Inspired by his own personal experiences and those of the artists and writers he loves, singer Nathaniel Fregoso’s (vocals, synth, effects) lyrics are a visceral exploration of historical events compiled within a 2019 context.

With songs about TolstoyDostoyevskyBurroughsKirchner and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fregoso has woven together threads of destruction and reconstruction and delivered them with a sardonic edge akin to vocalists such as Mark E. Smith.

This, combined with a lo-fi, synth punk ideology, has shaped Mexican Radio’s confrontational sound: recording everything live, on tape in an analogue studio with no overdubs. The trio have pulled on their vast knowledge of music and recording having played in, and continuing to play in, many other bands. The result of which is a uniquely constructed record, rich in layers and bursting with a prowling, off-kilter vibrancy from the volatile opener ‘Night of the Nihilist’ all the way through to closing track ‘Planet Tyskie’. 

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