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INTRODUCING: FITTED (ft members of Wire, Minutemen, The Stooges, Fearless Leader & The Freeks)- Hear “The Legend of Lydmar Lucia” now- Album out Nov 8th

September 26, 2019


– Debut album ‘First Fits’
  out November 8th on ORG Music

– Hear new track “The Legend of Lydmar Lucia”
– New collaboration between Graham Lewis and Matthew Simms (Wire), Mike Watt (Minutemen, Stooges, fIREHOSE) & Bob Lee (Fearless Leader, The Freeks)

FITTED is a new project from Wire members Graham Lewis and Matthew Simms, with Mike Watt (Minutemen, Stooges, fIREHOSE) and drummer Bob Lee (Fearless Leader, The Freeks). They release their debut LP, ‘First Fits’on November 8thvia ORG Music and today they’ve shared a new track “The Legend of Lydmar Lucia”.

FITTED first convened after just one practice to perform at Wire’s DRILL festival in 2017 at The Echo in Los Angeles. On their debut album, ‘First Fits’, the free-wheelin’ psych powerhouse ploughs through six numbers over the course of 38 minutes, with Lewis and Watt trading lead vocal duties. 

“The Legend of Lydmar Lucia” is the second single from the record, following the brawling Training Pitbulls for the Navy. On this latest cut, Lewis takes the lead for a brooding, poetic recital. 

“The vocal was recorded in one shot at Sean Douglas’ studio in Seven Sisters” he explains. “Funnily enough I wrote this ‘report’ about 25 years previous, the day after an extraordinary 24 hour art event at the Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm to celebrate the Festival of Santa Lucia. There were 40 International artists, representing the disciplines of literature, sculpture, performance, a wide range of music and photography. It was a non-stop unprogrammed ticketless delight, including sumo snow wrestling, the dance of the Seven Veils with a vacuum cleaner, a glitch strewn Gilbert stitch up of Victor Sylvester, Mika Vanio beamed as a loon as he dropped a DUB set, Chris Watson conjured hyena’s devouring zebra in the restaurant… you get the idea? An artist who was unable to attend was Jim O’Rourke, hence the name check “Is Jim coming? No….”

“Before FITTED’s only practice I’d suggested Dome’s “Jasz” as a jump off point to Mike and Bob, they cooked a groove, I voiced it, Matthew built a world and I threw in some punctuation and galactic time shift. It’s a fave of mine, it flew together.”

Guitarist Matthew Simms adds: “Lydmar is one of my favourites from the record, the mood, the textures in the mix and the effortless way it came together all playing some combined influence. This was started in our as yet only practice and performed at our as yet only gig the next day but underwent severe transformation when Graham added his words, recorded in one / first take (we tried for another, wasn’t as good, of course!)”

‘First Fits’ album will be available on LP, CD, and digital formats beginning November 8thvia ORG Music. The vinyl release features a deluxe package with a gatefold jacket and lyric insert. Pre-order here.

‘First Fits’ track list:
1. Plug The Jug
2. Training Pit Bulls For The Navy
3. The Legend of Lydmar Lucia
4. Magically Blessed
5. The Chunk That Got Chewed
6. The First Fit

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