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September 24, 2019



“Eden Samara’s ‘Robots’ is a perfect marriage of organic and electronic elements…the alchemy with which she does it is hardly less than magic” – The Line Of Best Fit
“Dazzling electro pop…a track that bristles with energy” – Clash
“With torches and flaming barbie dolls in hand, Samara breaks free from this constricting, unwanted lifestyle and roams around as the free woman she desires to be” – The 405

The Canada-raised, now London-based artist, Eden Samara, is today sharing the video for her new single, ‘Robots’, thelatest to be lifted from the recently-released debut EP, ‘Days’ – watch here. The ‘Days’ EP featured collaborative work with the likes of Matt Stevens (Young Thug), Jim Junior (Ralph) and John Mavro (River Tiber), garnering Samara traction across online tastemakers whilst laying the foundations for her socially conscious lyricism.

‘Robots’ finds Samara exploring relationships and modern dating faux pas via the sounds of smooth-as-butter rhythms and Miami bass-inspired beats, a sonic palette akin to those of BANKS, Jessy Lanza and Kelela. “When I wrote ‘Robots’, I wanted to describe that moment where you run into an ex – maybe you’re on the street, maybe it’s at a party – and you both refuse to acknowledge each other. Like you’ve never even met,” explains Samara. “While developing the demo, I wanted to explore this growing tendency in modern dating where individuals shut themselves off from one another. So for the video, I thought it would be interesting to place a John & Jane Doe in tableaus that everyone can easily recognise: your typical “ghosting” scenario.”

The ‘Days EP’ is a collection of gleaming electro-pop songs that look to explore the notion of time, personal crisis and an examination of genuine connections in the modern world. Speaking about the EP, Eden says: “TheDays EP has an overarching theme of ‘what is the right way to spend my time?’ I wanted to talk about the universal desire to find meaning in life and create genuine connections with each other, in a time when our empathy has been dulled and the media dictates what an ideal life should look like. The EP looks at a recent slice of my twenties when I had a bit of an existential crisis over this.”

Growing up in Nelson BC, a quaint, artsy town, Eden spent her days writing songs and performing in choirs, and her nights sneaking out to underground raves to listen to electronic music. Shaped by these two contrasting influences, she began to pen ‘Days’as an exploration of societal expectations and human interaction in the digital age. While her thoughtful songwriting draws parallels to that of Lorde, Samara names artists such as Dev Hynes and DJ Rashad as a few of her musical inspirations.

EP Tracklist:
1 – Robots
2 – Days
3 – Upside Down
4 – 100%
5 – Real

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