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Body Hound Set To Release New Album ‘No Moon’ 20th September | Album Review

September 4, 2019

Body Hound Set To Release New Album ‘No Moon’ 20th September
Album Review

FFO: King Crimson, Meshuggah, Autechre, Yes, Olivier Messiaen, Mew and Igor Stravinsky,

Body Hound are back with their most triumphant arrangements yet. The quartet are set to release their first release since 2014 later this month. September 20th, their first full-length album No Moon will be unveiled to the world.

The instrumental progressive rock 4 piece hail from South Yorkshire. Where the band began as a two-piece sounding like a more groove-laden version of The Locust, consisting of Ryan Bright (Drums, Redmist Destruction, Tim Butane) and Calvin Rhodes (Guitar, formerly Antares). This line-up was completed by the addition of Joseph Thorpe on Bass (Zozo, formerly Rolo Tomassi, Doctrines, Then Thickens) and Joe Nicholson on Guitar (formerly Rolo Tomassi). Together the 4 create full-bodied epic orchestrations, sounding like a band double it’s size and lacking absolutely nothing. The musicians each bring an unmistakable energy and ferocity to this act.

No Moon is the culmination of five years spent experimenting, growing, and maturing. During this time, they have; released an EP through a popular Indie label, enjoyed a selective but excellent touring history including main stage appearances at Arctangent festival, and most pertinently, are about to self-release a double album. Body Hound‘s ambition belied their financial situation, but luckily the demand to bring this record into existence was such that they raised 99% of their Indiegogo target, with hundreds of interested supporters patiently awaiting release. Their charity and Body Hound‘s hard work have paid off, and the band are truly proud of what they’re about to unleash- rightfully so.

No Moon features 12 tracks each more powerful than the last. No Moon is catastrophically huge on all levels. Body Hound show no mercy with their new album. Blending various musical directions and creating something so forceful and demanding and utterly unique.

Working tirelessly with elements of progressive rock and math-rock, this instrumental band have developed their sonically hypnotic soundscapes. Each track within the album is it’s own unique story/passage, with darting chord progressions, changing beats and rhythms- you forget you’re listening to the same act- Body Hound effortlessly cover so much within each verse.

Body Hound have curated a deeply courageous record as they share their vision and create such vivacious soundscapes shaped by moments of dark brooding intensity, dynamic beats and relentlessly riff-heavy movement. The record in it’s entirety is daring, boisterous and insanely captivating yet equally fun. No Moon is unlike anything that’s gone before and will be on heavy rotation in collections afar, played time and time again.

The band chose to record with Tom Peters. His previous engineering credits include: The Fall, various bands from the UK Mathrock scene like Alpha Male Tea Party, Cleft and Vasa. They felt his boundless enthusiasm matched their own, and his handling of their ridiculous studio demands made for an extremely creative union.

Jason Sanderson was an obvious choice to go to for mastering. Both of the Joes and Calvin worked with him previously on several Rolo Tomassi and Antares releases. His body of work, including records by Ginger Wildheart, Hawkeyes and Brontide, speaks for itself.
A collective interest in Science Fiction made fellow Space Idiot, Paul Phillips, an obvious choice for visually representing the compositions in stunning detail. 

All in all, No Moon is a brutal and bold must-hear- Body Hound have created a heroic and commendable record. Bound to be album of the year!

Body Hound will be holding the release show at The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on Saturday 28th September – event details here- https://www.facebook.com/events/700735667018642/



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