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August 4, 2019


Back in 2015, we first introduced our readers to the intricate sounds of Bull. The York based quartet have grown courageously over the years and we still urge you all to fall in love with this promising and fresh act.

At the tail end of July this year, Tapetown sessions released a live video of the band performing their standout track “Eugene” live in a new environment, the band relishing that movement can be seen below.

In the session, the song – written a couple years back and made available on streaming platforms in May 2019 – left some of its ambience layering and sound effects behind, which were all beautifully substituted by even deeper, raw elements and live instruments that Tapetown Studio is well known for.

Eugene showcases’ Bull‘s beautiful songwriting. A raw delivery of a track which is reminiscent of that alt/grunge scene and can be compared to the likes of legendary act Built To Spill, newcomers Middle Kids and Calpurnia and that of Pixies to Pavement. Their sound is easy to define yet so unique to the act. Eugene is the perfect example of Bull‘s abilities to create a song structure which explodes and that which is equally delicate as it is obscure. Impressive.

Undoubtedly, the unique studio facility helped the act highlight their live energy in the best way possible, and the effect of that is this stunning live session that celebrates their union – an ambitious band with one of their best compositions on one side, and on the other, a specialised studio facility filled with knowledge, passion and love for alternative and edgy sounds.

Bull dates back to the year 2011 when Dan Lucas (lead guitar, vocals), Kai West (bass, vocals), Tom Beer (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Tom Gabbatiss (drums vocals) came together to create an act that would shortly after put
their local scene in awe. And last month, July 2019, marks five year since their debut 10-track full-length album She Looks Like Kim (2014) was released.


Tapetown is a recording studio dedicated to make alternative music thrive – in fact, specialisation made it one of the best places for alternative acts to record and have their songs mixed. Run by Danish producer Rasmus
Bredvig, situated in Aarhus, Denmark and named “the sound of Aarhus” by Drowned in Sound, it is also home to Tapetown Sessions, internationally recognised live in-studio recordings that capture the most important live
essence of acts visiting the studio, often after their gigs in some of the biggest Danish cities.

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