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William Covert Set To Release New Solo EP “Revisioned Modulations of Synthesizer and Drums” Due August 9th via Coup Sur Coup Records | Exclusive EP Stream

August 7, 2019

William Covert Set To Release New Solo EP “Revisioned Modulations of Synthesizer and Drums”

Due August 9th via Coup Sur Coup Records

Exclusive EP Stream

At the start of this year, we were delighted to announce a new release and a new venture for Space Blood’s William Covert. In January, we shared details of William’s planned debut solo record which was unleashed to the world February 1st via Coup sur Coup Records. For that significant release, William previously explained “It’s kind of a departure musically from bands I’ve played in as there are no guitars on the album at all and is strictly drums and various synthesizers as the instrumentation. The music is kind of a cross of mathy electronic stuff similar to Adam Betts and Vessels to darker prog ala King Crimson with also a heavy influence of the soundtracks of John Carpenter”

Fast forward until Summer of the same year and William’s workload is commendable. William is set to release a new EP, a companion release to his full-length album, Music for Synthesizer and Drums.

The music on this EP is based from songs that appeared on the full-length LP. Each with a unique take-by modulating, manipulating, re-arranging, and sampling bit and pieces of songs from Music for Synthesizer and Drums, new songs emerged as revisioned takes on the source material leading to the creation of the EP, Revisioned Modulations of Synthesizer and Drums.

The new record, which is set for release August 9th via Coup sur Coup features a more raw deliverance, compositions which drift from sincere ambient drone textures to a sudden powerful experimental territory.

The EP starts with a small synth build up before you’re attacked with carefully controlled yet abrasive drum beats. Resplendent In Divergence quickly amplifies before a startling and aggressive end. You’re hooked. William Covert has- in just a few short bars- obliterated your senses and left you wanting more. Terra​ – ​Nova Under Neon Hot Disease (Airport Mix) follows, with Terra​ – ​Nova Under Neon Hot Disease (Staircase Fall Mix) finalizing the collection of arrangements. The entire EP is bursting with subtleties and tiny details which capture an array of emotions. The creations are strikingly textural and boldly immersive.

We are extremely proud to share with you the forthcoming EP streaming in full ahead of it’s release. Listen to Revisioned Modulations of Synthesizer and Drums streaming below:

All music written and performed by William Covert using acoustic drums, Simmons SDS 800 electronic drums, Korg Monologue, and Roland Handsonic. Additional production, arranging, and programming on tracks 2 & 3 made by The Band of Peace. Track 1 was recorded and mixed at Jamdek Studio by Doug Malone, and mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Mastering.Tracks 2 and 3 were recorded by Tim Furnish at Co-Prosperity Sphere then mixed, edited, re-arranged, and finalized by The Band of Peace (Max Cayer).

The record is next level contemporary, this could easily be a score to something so demanding. Hypnotic and sonically pleasing. Another bold and creditable release from Covert.

The EP will be available as pay what you want on Coup sur Coup‘s bandcamp page from Friday as well as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, etc. 



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