The Y Axes Unveil New Video For “Moon”

August 11, 2019
Dave McMahon

The Y Axes Unveil New Video For Moon

San Francisco-based rockers The Y Axes have recently shared a new video for their single “Moon.”

“Moon” is taken from their latest album “No Waves”.

No Waves is about facing a rapidly changing world head-on, often thrashing to keep from being drowned by hopelessness and anxiety. 

The album is simultaneously very personal and very congruent with the current moment, despite having begun to write the songs in late 2016. In the sense that we used to call ourselves ‘pop music from the future’, with No Waves it seems like we’ve finally caught up to the present. 

Songs like ‘Nevertheless’ and ‘Get Away’ are about acknowledging the terrifying world we live in today- a world in flames in many senses of the word- but knowing this reality isn’t going away by ignoring it and not taking action.

Other songs, like ‘The Gap in Between’ and ‘Moon’ are anthems of confronting self-doubt, letting it swallow you because the reality can’t be worse that the anxieties constructed in your head.

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