SWEET WILLIAMS announces new album “Where Does the Time Come From”, due 20th September via Gringo Records, listen to “Ride a Gold Snail”

August 11, 2019


Share video for ‘Ride A Gold Snail’

Announce new album ‘Where Does The Time Come From‘,
due 20th September via Gringo Records

The Sweet Williams on new album Where Does The Time Come From is one Thomas House, a South coast native guitarist and songwriter whose bands have a habit of dissolving. 

Due on 20th September via Gringo Records, this latest LP contains ten post-punk infused songs of an almost brutalist nature, House’s music in its purest form, performed almost entirely by himself.

Now he shares new single ‘Ride A Gold Snail’, a rumbling post-rock juggernaut thatsets a backwards drum beat to a filthy, holding pattern bassline, with guitar amps on the verge of burning out and elliptical, elusive lyrics. “It’s probably my most romantic song,” says House. The video was shot and assembled in Zaragoza, Spain, the town House calls home since October of 2018.

Live Dates:

Wednesday 18th September – Mart’s Brewhouse, Stoke on Trent
Thursday 19th September – Ferret, Preston
Friday 20th September – Henry’s Cellar, Edinburgh
Saturday 21st September – Hairdressers, Glasgow
Sunday 22nd September – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle
Monday 23rd September – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Tuesday 24th September – TBC, Manchester
Wednesday 25th September – JT Soar, Nottingham
Thursday 26th September – South Street Arts Centre, Reading
Friday 27th September – New River Studios, London
Saturday 28th September – Albert, Brighton (Matinee show)

About Where Does the Time Come From:
In 2016, the Sweet Williams line-up responsible for the open, organic sound of that year’s album Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight’ dissolved in a potent formula of work, babies, babies and work.

Armed with a clutch of new songs and no time to break in a new band, House repaired toAgricultural Audio in the heart of rural Sussex with trusted producer Ben Hampson and set to work. The resulting recordings reflected House’s fascination with, and horror for, busted mechanics; in place of the live band’s fluid, entropic interplay, structured patterns lurch and correct, a crowbar jammed in every gear.

It doesn’t represent a performance,” he explains. “It represents the songs as I hear them in my head.

However, the record was not conceived in a bathysphere. These compositions could be seen as the culmination of twenty-plus years playing in countless bands, from the incandescent fury of House’s old vehicle Charlottefield, to the discipline honed on guitar in post-punk stalwarts Joeyfat, to a newfound confidence in vocal texture and melody in Haress.

Lyrical themes cover love, dread, betrayal, bliss, injustice, death, sex, the end of the world. You might struggle to ascertain the narrative. House takes an impressionistic approach to his subject matter. “My dad read me Elidor and The Owl Service when I was sick as a kid. And his own made up stuff. There’s another world behind this one.”

After the bracing opening two tracks, the celebratory ‘Stop It I’m Killing You‘ and its stinging hangover ‘Stunt Freeze‘, the album proceeds to its dusky heart. By the time of ‘Two Golden Sisters‘, House’s hands barely brush the strings of his guitar as he croons to the memory of a long lost love. ‘Facing East‘, a song whose definitive reading eluded House for more than a decade, sets a misheard conversation to a cyclical chime and an unexpected, explosive blossom.

Two new incarnations of Sweet Williams are ready to take these songs to the stage – one in the UK, and one in Spain, both consisting of long-standing associates. A UK tour commences on September 18th and European dates are being planned for next year.

1. Stop It I’m Killing You
2. Stunt Freeze
3. Fifties
4. RF
5. Very Long Division
6. Ride a Gold Snail
7. Rust
8. Two Golden Sisters
9. Facing East
10. Discomforter

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