SHHE shares new track ‘Saint Cyrus’ + announces debut album due 11th October on One Little Indian Records

August 24, 2019

shares mesmerizing new track ‘Saint Cyrus’ + announces debut S/T album

Out 11th October on One Little Indian Records

SHHE is the alter-ego of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer SU Shaw. Shaw wraps carefully constructed electronic soundscapes around delicate yet self-assured vocals, and Saint Cyrus is the next piece of the puzzle introducing the world to the enigmatic SHHE. The artist’s upcoming self-titled debut album tracks a period of intense personal change, due for release 11th October on One Little Indian Records. 

The musician only had to release one single, Eyes Shut (which premiered on Dazed), to find herself signing a record deal with One Little Indian Records and opening for Kathryn Joseph on her February UK tour.
Saint Cyrus is named after the area that I was living in at the time – in the same house that I wrote and recorded the entire record” says SHHE. “The house backed onto a main road so recording during the day wasn’t possible. Most of the vocals were recorded during the night. The synth line which enters half way through the track was also recorded during this time, half awake, half asleep. I only recorded one take, that’s the take that you hear on the record.”
She continues; “The track is in constant transition. When I wrote it, I was thinking a lot about identity. How no one is ever complete. Things are added, taken away, obscured, manipulated; certain characteristics, behaviours. In the track there are parts that disintegrate, disappear, are reintroduced elsewhere. But the words stay the same. Living there (in Saint Cyrus) was the only constant when everything else was in transition at the time. I think that environment encouraged a lot of change in my life.”
The outro to ‘Saint Cyrus’ is made up of layers of disconcerting, visceral movements of sound, tugging the song in multiple directions as synths and drums oscillate between the ears, smothered with lilting melodies that linger long after they are heard. SHHE has found herself on the precipice of unlimited creativity and she’s ready to dive in headfirst. Her debut record is only the beginning of this journey. 

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