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Right Hand Left Hand return with ominous new single ‘Prora’ out on the 30th of August from their forthcoming third album ‘Zone Rogue’

August 23, 2019

Right Hand Left Hand Announce New Album ‘Zone Rouge’ And Set To Release New Single ‘Prora’ 30th August

Cardiff duo Right Hand Left Hand are back with a brand new album. Following on from their self-titled, Welsh Music Prize nominated second album, their third offering, ‘Zone Rouge’, tells the story of humanity’s contempt for the earth beneath us, the air above us and the people around us. Our fractured planet lays the groundwork for the 11 new tracks. Each referring to a location on Earth where something bad has happened: An act of corruption against the planet, an act of evil against fellow humans and occasionally both. 

The first single, ‘Prora’, derives from a building complex, built by the Nazis on the island of Rügen, Germany, in the 1930’s. ‘Strength Through Joy’ was the Nazi’s program for giving the people a holiday. It resulted in the building of the cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff and Prora, 4.5km of brutalist seaside resort. Soon after completion, both were requisitioned for use in WW2. Prora is still there, fulfilling its original purpose as a seaside resort and youth hostel. The Wilhelm Gustloff was sunk in 1945 with 9,400 people perishing, many of them civilians and it lies at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It is estimated to be the largest loss of life in a single ship sinking.

‘Prora’ kicks off with a dynamic and boisterous beat, before an uplifting and brooding riff takes hold of the orchestration. The pair continue to add layers and additional textures to their creation before distorted vocals join the mix. ‘Prora’ is insanely hypnotic. Melodic and momentous. As the single builds velocity the pair fuse in electronic elements and evolving time signatures and stop-starts. ‘Prora’ is fast-paced and frivolous. A huge sounding full-bodied composition created from a band small in numbers but lacking nothing.

Recorded and produced by Charlie Francis (Future of the Left, REM, Robyn Hitchcock) at Cardiff’s Musicbox Studios, Andrew Plain (drums/guitars) and Rhodri Viney (guitars/vocals/ drums) continue to build and develop their trademark sound: looped and layered guitars and driving powerful drums that are intercut with atmospheric ambience. ‘Prora’ is available to buy and stream digitally on 30th August. The album will follow on 15th November, 2019. It will be available digitally, on CD, and on limited edition double clear vinyl. 

Right Hand Left Hand are an immersive all-encompassing experimental instrumental band. Intense, powerful yet melodic, Right Hand Left Hand defy the confines of one specific genre as they embrace elements of Krautrock, space-rock and electronica, as well as innovatively incorporating live loops and vocals to great effect.

Right Hand Left Hand New Single ‘Prora’ Due 30th August

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