NEWMOON share new single ‘Collide Into Me’, announce new album ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’ due 11th October via [PIAS] Recordings

August 2, 2019
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Share new single ‘Collide Into Me’

Announce new album ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’,
due October 11th via [PIAS] Recordings

“a vital, caustic blast of white-out noise.” – Clash

Antwerp-based outfit Newmoon have toned down the feedback of their acclaimed debut album ‘Space’ and turned up the melody for their brand new full-length ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’, due 11th October via [PIAS] Recordings.

Thunderously dreamy and reminiscent of Ride, My Bloody Valentine, A Place To Bury Strangers, their latest cut was recorded in London by producer Andy Savours (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Dream Wife, Sorry) and weaves a patchwork of glimmering indie resonance onto a bedrock of ecstatic, crunchy guitar-pop.

Announcing today via their shimmering, summer indie single ‘Collide Into Me’, the band offers us a fatalistic view at those chance meetings outside of closing 3am bars. The brief moment when you connect with other barflies and conversations are more about emotion and less about substance, before the next day’s hangover erases your new magical memories.

Of the sound the band states “it was the first song on this album that felt like we were stepping into a direction we hadn’t explored before. It felt freeing to try and arrange music that was more about the melody and songwriting, and less about noise and feedback. It definitely pushed us further out of our comfort zone and towards something that felt very natural for us.”


1. Let it End
2. Raptured
3. In Harmony
4. Collide Into Me
5. Blue Hole
6. Give Me the Pain
7. Vague
8. In and Out and Over
9. Only You

Taking their name from an Elliott Smith album and based in Antwerp and Ghent, Newmoon formed in late 2013. Band members previously played in the much-loved hardcore punk band Midnight Souls, now widely recognised as one of the country’s finest. Friends since their mid-teens, they began without contrivances or a career plan, and instead had only a desire to escape the restrictive hardcore world, and explore new sonic territories. They were an experiment. An exploration. “We grew up loving Joy Division and The Cure,” explains Bert. “But the music we made before was so much easier to play so we were unsure as to whether we had the ability to reflect this music that we really liked. Newmoon was our way of discovering whether we could fit in anywhere. We’re still discovering now. Everything is new.”

Debuting in 2014 with a promising 4 track EP ‘Invitation to Hold’, it was the band’s full length ‘Space’, released in 2016, that set them apart. The nine song collection was bathed in noise and reverb, showed a profound love for all things shoegaze, but was delivered with a raw punk energy, exposing the 5 piece’s hardcore roots.For the follow up to ‘Space’ the band debunked to London and teamed up with producer Andy Savours. The manual for the new album ‘Nothings Hurts Forever’ instructed songs over volume. Still not shying away from loud overwhelming guitars, Newmoon wanted to condense their sound. More Oasis, less My Bloody Valentine… But as their first single showed, a leopard can never change it spots. ‘Let It End’ blares out of the speakers with power saw guitars and energy levels raised up high. It’s just easier to sing along with.

Previous praise:

“Thunderously dreamy! SPACE is one of 2016’s must-listen debuts.” – The 405

“Newmoon confidently stamp out a territory all of their own.” – Clash

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