Ho99o9 Release new EP ‘Cyber Warfare’ + ‘Master of Pain’ Music Video

August 16, 2019

Ho99o9 Release ‘Cyber Warfare’ EP
+ ‘Master of Pain’ Music Video

Virtual reality : Don’t use every WiFi network you see free, If I stand tall with my plastic rifle in the mirror, I can be anything I wanna. Cover your camera when you masturbate using phone or computer. My phone / computer watches me when I sleep / deactivate.” – Ho99o9  

Ho99o9 have dropped their ‘Cyber Warfare’ EP, a companion piece to the ‘Cyber Cop’ EP, which was released earlier this year, just as they finish up a tour of the US supporting Alice In Chains and Korn.

Alongside the visceral collection of tracks comes a music video for ‘Master of Pain’ adapted from the Ho99o9-fronted issue of Heavy Metal Magazine Music Issue which drops August 28. The Ho99o9 comic featured in those pages was written by Aaron Gillespie (Bionic Man, Green Lantern, Lady Demon) with artwork from Arturo Lauria and lettering from DC Hopkins

‘Cyber Warfare’ credits:‘Master of Pain’ (Produced by Carl Chaste)’Plexiglass’ (Produced by David Andrew Sitek)’ShadowRUN’ (Produced by Carl Chaste)’Yellow Tape’ (Produced by Freddy Dire)’Simon Phoenix’ (Ft. JPEGMAFIA) (Produced by Lil Booth (theOGM)) ‘WiFi Punx’ (Produced by David “Squirrel” Covel)’F.O.G.’ (Produced by Carl Chaste) 

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