Bubbatrees release new single “Alchemy”

August 3, 2019

Bubbatrees showcase a brooding synth-heavy sound on their new-wave inspired single ‘Alchemy’!

Glaswegian quartet Bubbatrees have released their brooding new single Alchemy.

Dark, tantalising synths set the tone before pulsating drum beats and reverb-heavy guitar twangs takeover, creating a sound that is both celestial and sonically powerful. Frontman Andrew Gibb’s deep, rich vocal resonates effortlessly over the eerie soundscapes, reminiscent of the likes of We Are Scientists’ Keith Murray. Talking about Alchemy, Gibb elaborates “‘Alchemy’ by definition is the transformation of a base metal into gold, the song takes this idea and builds upon it metaphorically. It’s about how we are experiencing an old way of life transforming into a new one and how the more natural, less technological age is transgressing into an ever evolving digital age.”

Since forming in 2016, Bubbatrees have become prominent fixtures in the Scottish live circuit. They have supported the likes of King No-One, Walt Disco and ACRYLIC to name a few, as well as selling out their own headline show at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh. They have already received praise from a number of well regarded publication including Tenement TV and Is This Music. Alchemy marks a new era of Bubbatrees and listeners can expect more forward-thinking releases in the near future.

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