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Bear Call Reveal New Single + Video “Harsh”

August 17, 2019

Bear Call Release New Single and Video “Harsh”

San Francisco-based quartet Bear Call have just released a new single + video, “Harsh.”

“Harsh” is the second single off of Bear Call’s forthcoming LP, Fancy Acid due September 9th via Resurrection Records, the new single follows “LOL Naw.”

“Harsh does not sound as the word suggest, the single showcases the musicians’ momentum in creating a complex yet ethereal deliverance. Intelligent stop-starts, an unbeatable rhythm, delectable vocals and a soothing eagerness. Bear Call have mastered their craft.

Developing from the surf-pop love songs off of their debut, Anything’s Better Than FallingFancy Acid incorporates deep synth textures and dynamic song structure, encompassing the band’s growth and new lineup.  After returning from an ambitious West Coast tour and with a refreshed sense of direction, core band members Aaron Mortemore and Skyler Warren settled into their San Francisco home studio and began to approach inspiration and production from new angles. Hibernation is no overstatement as the pair holed up and furiously demoed, wrote, compiled, sampled, and pulled together a distinct and developed point of view.

“Harsh” is undeniably Bear Call’s furthest venture away from the sound off of their debut. The band experimented with dissecting and restructuring the drum tracks – utilizing both drum machine sequences and recorded kit. The track was intended to feature a concise approach to song structure and arrangement – an effort made to balance how full some of the other tracks on the album became.

To date and respectfully Bear Call have had the pleasure of sharing bills with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, L.A. Witch, Frankie and the Witch Fingers and more psych-style luminaries.


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