Watch the video for “Dirty Jacket” from DC punks, Gauche new album

July 17, 2019
Photo credit: Jen Dessinger

Watch the video for “Dirty Jacket” from DC punks, Gauche new album

“A brash racket of danceable post-punk delivered with all the unbridled rage and frustration 2019 deserves.”  Bandcamp

A People’s History of Gauche is out now, on Merge Records froom DC punks Gauche, an album that Bust decrees “is a firestorm of defiant energy, pogo-stick rhythms, and riotous saxophone solos.”

Today, in addition to an in-depth interview with BandcampGauche premiere their music video for “Dirty Jacket.” It’s the first single from the group to feature lead vocals from sax maestro Adrienne CN Berry (also of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists), who says the song“attempts to maze through the foundational consequences of deep trauma and give words to the emotional and corporeal intelligences that—for better and for worse—find ways for us to survive, thrive, and interact with each passing moment.”

Berry provides more here:
 Without pause, we find ourselves moving through a dark groove. Saxophone cries pierce the thick air and slinking organ lines wrap around ankles. There is no choice but to keep moving forward, although it seems like we are sinking deeper and deeper with every beat.

I’m observing the muscle / I’m keeping the pace…

Trapped, we find ourselves in the same place over and over. Whether in memory or the subconscious, the loop can live on and on.“ Ring, Ring, Ring…” Can we incrementally inch away from it? Break the repetition? Find new movement? New breath?

…the path I pass keeps passing…”

The horns and voices call out. “Ring, Ring Ring, Ring…” Layer upon layer, they patiently build, amassing a critical bridge. There is a message that needs air. There is a desire to leave the suffocating whirl of self-protection. Can it push through the tension? Can it puncture the reactive surface? When it does, will we be heard?

Gauche is Jason P Barnett, Adrienne CN Berry, Mary Jane Regalado (Downtown Boys), Pearie Sol, and Daniele Yandel (Priests).

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