One Eleven Heavy to release new album ‘Desire Path’ on September 20 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond

July 7, 2019

One Eleven Heavy
to release new album
Desire Path 
out 20th September
on Beyond Beyond is Beyond

Naming their band after a short story about a plane crash might have been a mistake.  Because, for transatlantic, country-infused rockers One Eleven Heavy, it’s been two years of trials and near-death experiences. Which just doesn’t seem fair for a band of notorious nice guys and positive souls already encumbered by an average commute of 3,000 miles per member to even get to rehearsal.

Take the final day of sessions for their lauded debut album, Everything’s Better, when bass player Dan Brown was hospitalized after being crushed by his own bass rig for example. Or the final day of their debut tour, across the East Coast and Midwest of America, when the band was almost killed after an allegedly ‘shitfaced’ driver rear-ended their van at high speed somewhere in Delaware.

Yes, One Eleven Heavy is lucky to be alive. And you only need to listen to the music on this, their brilliant second album Desire Path (out September 20 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond) to understand that’s how the band feels. Because it’s a wry, occasionally biting, but always joyful celebration of human endurance and the ability to overcome.

The band have shared the first single “Mardi Gras” which Raven Sings the Blue notes “knocks some well needed honkey-tonk into the tepid tea of 2019, feeding on the grass n’ gas vibes of Muscle Shoals bound Stones.”  

“‘Mardi Gras’ is part of a tradition of songs about delusional luckless losers,” explains the band’s James Toth. “I don’t believe for a second that this character’s ship will ever come in; his destiny is in many ways preordained. And yet he is sincere in his belief that his luck will turn around if only he could get that one lucky break. In some ways it’s an allegory but I prefer the literal take: this guy is almost certainly going to let you down.” “It is also one of several of my songs to wedge in an obscure reference to the television program The Honeymooners,” adds Toth. “Spot the others!”

Desire Path is laced with lush three-part vocal harmonies and two-part harmonized guitar licks, recalling those classic Allman Bros runs at the same time as it brings to mind timeless classics by Hendrix, the Stones and, of course, the Dead. Brooklyn, NY-based pedal steel player John Bohannon guests on a couple of tracks. Guitarist Nick Mitchell Maiato reaches new levels of guitar heroism on closing track – the Santana-esque ‘Three Poisons’. Meanwhile pianist Hans Chew also takes on drummer duties in the absence of regular hired hand Ryan Jewell who couldn’t make the session and more than earns his keep. The rhythm section of Chew and Dan Brown swings so hard, it almost doubles over on itself!

It may well be a miracle that the sessions for this album took place at all. But, for One Eleven Heavy, being miraculous is a goal worth striving for. And the only route to it is by the Desire Path. Take it.

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