MICAH ERENBERG Announces New LP ‘Love Is Gonna Find You’ – set for release 04 October via Sleepless Records

July 18, 2019
Photo Credit : Colin Medley 

MICAH ERENBERG Announces New LP ‘Love Is Gonna Find You’

Set for release 04 October via Sleepless Records

Shares new single with music video + additional album track


UK Tour dates in October

The hardest thing to say is how you feel because then it becomes real. While Micah Erenberg knows the risk in wearing your heart on your sleeve, the 26-year-old understands the importance of a shared experience. One that can make someone feel brighter, understood, less alone. ‘Love Is Gonna Find You’ is the songwriter’s highly anticipated second album, set to be released on October 04 via Sleepless Records. In 2019, Micah Erenberg is lifting his listeners into a sphere of delicate fulfillment, painting loneliness as a universal craving for human connection over his narratives of getting sober, rain soaked mornings and searching for something bigger than ourselves. 

Today, the Manitoban songwriter is sharing the new ASMR inspired video for ‘Just Who I Am’ captured by Matt Williams in a hotel during a flight delay. “I’m glad Micah’s plane was delayed and we got to ride out the nor’easter making this disgusting video,” says Williams. “I never want to be forced to hear an entire juicy roast chicken get dropped on a hotel room table ever again. We must have done it a dozen times. The slap of its wet, naked self hitting that cheap wood is engraved on my brain now.”

On the song Erenberg says, “This tune is pretty much verbatim quotes from a text conversation I had with my friend Ellen. We were talking about our lives as artists and about how it’s hard not constantly reconsider everything that you’re doing. I hope this song can speak to folks who are struggling with self worth or worth of their work. It’s important to know that you’re never alone. We’re all struggling and we’re all making it work, together.”

Also released today, is album cut ‘Sunspill’, a track that Erenberg wrote with Jicah in 2013. “They recorded a version of it back then and I kinda forgot about it until several years later when I decided to make a version of my own,” he says. “Over the years this song has changed as much in sound as it has in meaning to me. I’m really happy this version made it onto the album and I hope that it can mean something special to you too.”

Produced and recorded with Alexandre Bonenfant, ‘Love Is Gonna Find You’ was crafted in several studios between Toronto, Winnipeg, and Micah’s home town of Matlock. Switching up the environments has manifested itself as a mirage of characters, ones that teeter on the soft focus of an acoustic guitar while others erupt into strange electronic soundscapes. There’s woozy harmonies, low croons and fervent choruses. Erenberg may revel in the gloom for a moment but it’s soon dispersed as the laugh of a friend echoes in between songs. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s full of heart.

Having already won over every crowd he played to at The Great Escape Festival this year, as well as touring Europe with An Horse, Micah will be back to the UK in October following the release of the album. Dates so far listed below with more TBC. 

Aug 17 – Teulon, MB – I AM Festival
Aug 22-24 – Marchand, MB – HootOwl Festival
Sep 19 – Winnipeg, MB – WECC
Sep 25 – Langenburg,  – Flav’r Ranch
Sep 26 – Saskatoon, SK – Black Cat Taver
Sep 27 – Edmonton, AB – Aviary
Sep 28 – Calgary, AB – King Eddy
Sep 29 – Red Deer, AB – Bo’s
Oct 02-5 – Whitehorse, YT – BreakOut West
Oct 09 – Glasgow, UK – Hug & Pint
Oct 12 – Middlesborough, UK – Twisterella Festival
Oct 13 – Newcastle, UK – Bobik’s
Oct 17 – St Leonard’s, UK – Marina Fountain

1. Do It For Love
2. What Am I Doing Here
3. The Hardest Thing to Say
4. Into the Night
5. Just Who I Am
6. Love Is Gonna Find You
7. Somewhere Beyond the Ocean
8. Sunspill
9. Bored 
10. Wake Me Up When It’s Over


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