Kendra Amalie shares second single from forthcoming album ‘Intuition’ out 6th September on Beyond Beyond is Beyond

July 25, 2019
Photo Credit: Sue Beauchamp

Kendra Amalie
shares second single
“Stay Low” from new album
Intuition out 6th September
on Beyond Beyond is Beyond

Wisconsin-based musician Kendra Amalie shares the second single, the beautiful pedal-steel touched “Stay Low” from her forthcoming album, Intuition out 6th September on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

“I wrote “Stay Low” in 2012 while living in the Pacific Northwest, reflecting on a whirlwind of adventures, fleeting friendships, and unlikely exchanges on my half-year journey there,” expains Kendra. “I shot the video at ground zero of inspiration in June 2019 with a good friend I’d met seven years before. It’s just a simple song about caring for strangers.”

Intuition is a sweeping introduction to an artist deep into their practice, Kendra’s new album is a star map to a new and developing sound space. An exploratory and (sometimes) shredding finger-style 12-string guitarist (both acoustic and electric), band leader, synthesist, new media creator, and experimental producer, Kendra is also a songwriter occupying an ethereal zone between galaxy-brain cosmic transmissions and deep, personal expression.

There’s a concept and narrative arc to Intuition, too, the action moving from underwater locales to boat to city to global consciousness to farmland to the etheric plane and back to water. But the movements are equally a guide through the world(s) of Kendra Amalie and a culmination/ transition/next step following a decade-and-change of cassettes and ambitious projects including Names Divine, 11:11, and a range of directions in collaborative improvised music and solo sound work. Shifting her music-making energies over the past several years, Intuition is the sound of a powerful new voice in focus.

Both rigorous and open-formed, Intuition contains multitudes, from the hypno-noise/freak-out/grace of “Become the Light” to the 12-string meditation “Improvisation For Mark Hollis,” from the psychedelic realizations of “Facets of a Holy Diamond” to the pedal steel-touched “Stay Low.”

Recorded with friends in her shed in Saint Francis, Intuition’s band included a core rhythm section of drummer Victoria Robison and bassist Sam Cook, with remote support from Taralie Peterson (cello), Al Moss (pedal steel), Peter McLaughlin (drums) and Jayve Montgomery (oboe), alongside the mixing effort of long-time collaborator Brian J. Sulpizio in Chicago. The live iteration of the album is more shape-shifting, encompassing solo performances accompanied by motion-controlled synths as well as more fully supported by a corporeal rock band. Intuition is a sound-based cross-section of a larger body of work.

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