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Grawl!x releases new single/video ‘Epicene’ ft Umbilica – Out digitally via Reckless Yes on 19 July 2019

July 15, 2019

Grawl!x releases new single Epicene
Out digitally via Reckless Yes on 19 July 2019

EPICENE is the newest single from critically acclaimed ambient musician Grawl!x .

Following on from the their recent trilogy of albums concerning grief culminating with Appendix (released April 2018), Grawl!x has moved into more topical territory with this single – an ambitious exploration into sex and gender.

James Machin, the multi-instrumentalist behind the Grawl!x name, said: “It’s an issue I’ve wanted to explore in a musical dialogue for quite some time. It’s quite alarming when you realise how great the gender disparity is and how our culture is divided in binary terms.

For this undertaking, Grawl!x consulted the expertise of Jo Lewis of Umbilica particularly regarding the lyrical content. Machin said: “Jo was very patient in helping me square up to the realities of a patriarchal society. I always liked to think of myself as a feminist but realise I have a lot to learn. She’s been incredible.”

Jo Lewis, of Umbilica, said: “The lyrics spoke to me about the limitations of societal gender roles and the ways we’re conditioned, throughout our lives but particularly in childhood, to fit one of two shapes – as if that’s all there is to gender identity – and how restrictive it can feel if you don’t naturally happen to match these narrow definitions of gender.

Their collaboration evolved to a duet on the track and a dual performance in the music video, which Grawl!x feels is the culmination of their vision. Machin said: “The video is about contrast and ultimately escaping conflict instilled upon us and ascending to a hopeful state of
unity – not to sound too pretentious!”

For this they employed a small team of filmmakers and CGI animators including local artists SAM JORDAN, DARIUS POWELL and RACHAEL FRANCE.

The result is a thrilling short-movie like experience. Machin, an independent filmmaker as well as a musician, said: “It’s been a long road and I just hope people like it. Might sound a mite trite but essentially we’re not all that different from each other really, are we?”

EPICENE, simply put- a masterpiece. A truly stunning track from the instrumentation to the lyrics. It starts with a Kyle Dixon esque synth sound and is complemented by two stunning contrasting vocals and intricate notes. The track is a pensive electronica number that will touch the listener more than they thought.

This track lasts, it’s destined to be on end of year lists- single of 2019?

James and Jo make a compelling and breath-taking collaboration working at utilizing their talents,  evolving such sonically organic textures and layering those with harmonious and delicate vocals, ending on such high notes, something resembling the electro pop of Emperor Yes.

EPICENE transports the listeners; the notes and the message resonate so heavily within- a masterpiece.

The single and video for EPICENE will be released digitally on 19 July by independent label Reckless Yes and is taken from the upcoming album ‘PEEPS’.

Grawl!x will play Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire 26-28 July 2019, including a warm-up date in Nottingham on 24 July 2019.

More live dates will be announced soon.




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