DECLAN WELSH & THE DECADENT WEST – Unveil ‘No Fun’ Video | Debut Album ‘Cheaply bought, Expensively Sold’ out 19/10 via Modern Sky UK

July 5, 2019



Credit: Neelam Khan Velas


DECLAN WELSH & THE DECADENT WEST present a new video for latest single: ’No Fun’.

A savagely sardonic swipe at scenester culture, the ’No Fun’ video delivers visuals as sharp of wit and dry of humour as the expertly acerbic lyrics by Declan Welsh that soundtrack it.

As premiered by THE SKINNY, the mag praised the new clip as: “…quite the opposite of what the title suggests. The single’s accompanying music video – which stars Derek Fun, Ken “Knuckles” Borlett, Chip Spliffington III and Dave Wanco – features some thrilling dance routines, and the four-piece appear to be having so much fun you kinda wish you were there.”  Featuring the video, plus some of Declan’s own esoteric thoughts about the video (and David Schwimmer…) the article can be found HERE.

Equal measures chaotic and comical, new single ‘No Fun’ is a snarky riposte to all the pouters and posers found to be draining the life from your typical Glasgow party. From the appropriation of Scottish working class ‘buckfast’ culture, to that one guy wearing a bucket hat ironically blaring out 80’s cheese, desperate to be the life of the party, ‘No Fun’ takes aim at the various forms of ‘party chat’ encountered in a Glasgow flat at 3am. As Declan explains:

​‘’No Fun’ is about the inflated self importance of the kind of people who get full of it at a party and corner you to tell you about how they went on holiday and seen “the real Thailand”. It’s about folk with no self awareness. It’s about people who think they are the kings of all banter because they put on a funny hat at 3am. It’s about people who say the word sesh with no hint of irony. It’s about people who say the word sesh ironically. It’s about people who say the word sesh.’ ​- ​Declan Welsh

The new video for ‘No Fun’ follows a first play for the track on BBC Radio 1 by Jack Saunders and a prolific spell of activity for the fast-ascending Glaswegian outfit. After gobsmacking the audiences of rammed UK venues throughout June, the band have just rounded off their tour with an historic first appearance at this year’sGlastonbury Festival with an electrifying Leftfield stage set. ‘No Fun’ also follows ‘Absurd’ and ‘Different Strokes’ as the latest single to emerge from Declan & co’s long-awaited debut album: ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’; which has recently been confirmed for release on 18th October 2019 via the Modern Sky UK label.

Declan Welsh is a songwriter and poet from Glasgow. With his band, The Decadent West they create music that is unapologetic, direct and with a message of humanity. With sold out shows across Scotland and performances as diverse as in Palestine (as part of a Glaswegian cultural exchange), The Great Escape, Reeperbahn and London Fashion Week, The Decadent West have solidified themselves as one of Scotland’s most promising talents, a band whose combination of taut indie rock and strongly held beliefs have won over scores of fans across their homeland, both young and old. Releasing their rousing first EP ‘All My Dreams Are Dull’ to widespread approval in 2018, the Decadent West now look to truly set out their stall with upcoming album: ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’, 12 studio recordings produced by the esteemed Chris Marshall in Glasgow (Gerry Cinnamon, Baby Strange, The Dunts, The Van T’s etc) and a record that arrives as one of the year’s most highly anticipated debut releases. 

With enveloping narratives every bit about the personal as the political, the songs to be found on their debut outing starkly set the Decadent West apart as one of the most erudite and essential new bands to believe in for the here and now.

Declan Welsh & The Decadent West
Release ’Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’- 18th October 2019 – Via Modern Sky UK

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