Canary Gold Release New Single Hummingbird

July 28, 2019

Canary Gold Release New Single Hummingbird

Glasgow based two-piece Canary Gold are preparing to release their dynamic new single, Hummingbird, out now and released on 26th July 2019 via Master Closet Records.

Consisting of brothers Spencer and JP O’Grady, Canary Gold were formed in Aberdeen in 2016 after the duo began writing songs together. Formulating a strong idea of what their sound should be, the brothers utilised piano as a driving force in all of their songs with the aim of setting themselves apart from the customary indie rock band set-up.

Hummingbird characterises the duos soaring sound. Combining simple piano with an earthy, rich lead vocal, Canary Gold produce an eclectic offbeat sound complimented by layered chanting, hand claps and tribal-like beats, creating a spellbinding, complex piece of music.

After forming in Aberdeen, Canary Gold upped sticks to Houston Texas. Whilst living in the US, they developed their sound further, recording with various musicians, enriching the way in which they created music. Having already released single ’Broken Soul’ and ‘The Streets Are Too Rough’ earlier in 2019, gaining support from the likes of BBC Radio Scotland and Amazing Radio, Canary Gold are eager to continue their rise as they prepare to share Hummingbird with press and fans alike.

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