July 8, 2019


15TH /16TH / 17TH AUGUST 2019, BRISTOL


ArcTanGent Festival have partnered with Roland Europe Group and BOSS to bring a shipping container demo studio to the festival this Summer.

The 20ft shipping container, with viewing platform roof, stretch tent and seating will host Breakfast Sessions with Toska, CLT DRP, a-tota-so, Aiming for Enrike, Midas Fall, and Wild Cat Strike between 9am and 11am on Friday and Saturday morning. The bands will demo their use of BOSS pedals, explaining to the audience their set up and how they achieve the sounds that they do. During the day, festival goers will have the opportunity to try out a range of BOSS pedals and other equipment from Roland.

Goc O’Callaghan, Festival Director of ArcTanGent says:

“It’s great to be working with BOSS again this year. ArcTanGent and BOSS are a perfect partnership. The demographic of festival goers who attend ArcTanGent are very into their music, they know so much about it, including the more technical side of the equipment so having bands demonstrate how they use their BOSS pedals to our audience will definitely appeal to the ‘geeky’ side of many. It’s not uncommon to see our festival goers taking photos of pedal boards rather than the musicians.”

“It’s been a long process to get the shipping container in place but worth the efforts. Announcing the BOSS shipping container demo studio, a couple of days after our exclusive show at Metropolis Studios shows the level of commitment both the festival and BOSS have to providing great experiences for their customers.”

Matt Knight, European Boss Product Sales Manager says:

 “BOSS is very pleased to be teaming up with ArcTanGent. ArcTanGent showcases some of the most important bands and musicians in modern music who are always looking to push boundaries and innovate, which ties in perfectly with BOSS and our rich history in music.” 

“Many of the musicians and attendees will know BOSS from over 40 years of history in world of effects and we are so happy to have a special space on site to showcase all the creative and amazing gear for all the musicians attending the festival.”

“We are excited to welcome to you to our very own on-site BOSS Pop-Up and showcase not only some cool gear but some amazing bands as well.”



09:00 – 09:20 CLT DRP
09:40 – 10:00 a-tota-so
10:20 – 10:40 Toska

11:00 Shipping container opens to the public


09:00 – 09:20 Midas Fall
09:40 – 10:00 Wild Cat Strike
10:20 – 10:40 Aiming For Enrike

11:00 Shipping container opens to the public


A lot has changed in the four decades since BOSS was founded by the great Japanese visionary Ikutaro Kakehashi. The music industry has repeatedly shed its skin. A thousand new bands, fashions and technologies have boomed and burnt out. But there has been one constant. From 1977 to present day, BOSS’s kaleidoscope of trailblazing pedal effects have been at the heart of every ambitious setup, driving modern guitarists to greater heights.

Rewind to the early-’70s, and effects pedals were expensive, cumbersome, fragile and hard to find. The launch of BOSS changed all that, as alongside sister company Roland, the newcomer rewrote the rulebook of what guitar players could expect from their pedalboards. Following its early output of near-mythical ‘big box’ pedals (including the pioneering CE-1 Chorus Ensemble), the revolution truly began in 1977, when BOSS rode the boom in microelectronics, using semiconductor technology to create compact pedals that fused unprecedented pocket-sized dimensions, a bulletproof aluminium chassis, silent FET switching, optional AC power – and iconic tones that thrived in the studio and onstage.

That year, the first generation of BOSS compact pedals arrived in the form of the PH-1 Phaser, SP-1 Spectrum and the game-changing OD-1 (which put overdrive on the floor for the first time). So began a dazzling hot-streak of invention that remains unbeaten today. In successive decades, BOSS redefined the cutting-edge with releases like 1983’s DD-2 Digital Delay, 1987’s RV-2 Reverb and 1998’s TU-2 Chromatic Tuner – all FX industry firsts – and alongside Roland, was instrumental in perfecting the guitar synth for the modern era. Even as the millennium turned, BOSS was still breaking new ground with pedals like the AC-3 Acoustic Simulator – the first to feature Roland’s COSM modelling technology – and the RC-2 Loop Station that would inspire a generation of solo performers.

Without BOSS, there would be a gaping hole at the heart of popular culture. Think of a classic studio album and chances are that a BOSS compact pedal was involved. Think of a legendary live band and it’s a safe bet that BOSS stomp-boxes feature on their pedalboard. With119 pedals in the modern BOSS range, over 15 million units sold – and plenty more to come – this firm has truly put the world at guitarists’ feet. Here’s to the next four decades.

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