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The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Caprice Enchanté Album Release Special | Gavin Brown

June 26, 2019

The St Pierre Snake Invasion 

Caprice Enchanté

The St Pierre Snake Invasion‘s 2015 debut album A Hundred Years A Day was a wild ride, an energetic shot in the arm from the first listen and one of the years’ best by far and one that gained the band a huge amount of well-deserved plaudits. The band’s frenetic live show also won them plaudits and new fans galore and the band have kept on building up momentum, with the promise of a new album, making everyone who had been enchanted by the band waiting and waiting with growing anticipation and fervour for new material. 

Now, the time has finally come and The St Pierre Invasion return with second offering Caprice Enchanté, and we are pleased to announce that the album is definitely worth the wait, such is the electric and eclectic atmosphere collected in the triumphant collection of songs.

From the opening Botch meets The Cramps blast of The Safety Word Is Oklahoma, it is obvious that The St Pierre Snake Invasion are taking no prisoners at all on this album and their punky noise sounds amazing. The energy continues all through the album and songs like the frantic Remystery and the grooving Braindead prove to be early highlights on an album packed full of them. The high octane Casanovocaine and the heaviness Of Things To Do In Denbigh When You’re Dead continue the band’s knack for witty song titles while being brilliant songs in their own right; and it has to be said that every single song on Caprice Enchanté is packed full of vivacity and joyous noise. 

The misplaced groove of The Idiots Guide To Music slows the pace down yet doesn’t slow the momentum down one bit and just adds to the bands continuing power while the albums title track is just a ball of phenomenal energy. 

The gospel-tinged It Gave A Lovely Light adds a lovely interlude before giving way to the crushing Omens and these differences in musical style show just how versatile the album is.  

Caprice Enchanté ends as it started with the brilliant jagged riffs of Pierre Brassau and the anthemic I Am The Lonely Tourist which rounds the album off perfectly. 

This is music at its most triumphant and life-affirming, proving that The St Pierre Snake Invasion go from strength to strength on this album with no weak moments at all. You will be listening to this one for the rest of the year and it will undoubtedly be right up there when the album of the year polls come rolling in. When the band hit the road too, don’t miss out because these songs are going to slay in the live arena, and it may be a while off yet but roll on album number three! 

TSPSICaprice Enchanté released June 21st, 2019 and available now!




Words: Gavin Brown

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