South Carolina bedroom-pop artist okaywill releases debut EP ‘Falling For You’ alongside new single ‘Cold’

June 29, 2019


Releases ‘Cold’ alongside debut EP ‘Falling For You’

Out now via Majestic Casual

okaywill is an independent producer, singer and songwriter based in South Carolina and part of a new wave of bedroom-pop artists whose emotional sensibilities belie their young age. Having released previous singles ‘Pretend’ and the title track, ‘Falling For You’ is the debut EP whichdisplays his precocious knack for matching thoughtful, probing songs with wistful, sparse electronics for everyone to see.

‘Cold’ is the new single and final track on the EP – a noteworthy closer full of slinking bass, euphoric textures and a playful drumbeat that is joined by innovative and charming brass in the chorus. okaywill shines brightly on this tune full of dynamics and warmth that is reminiscent of early Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit. 

On the EP okaywill says, “I was very excited to write over the instrumental for Cold. As soon as I heard where the direction was headed, I wanted to have a warm sound for the main part. It starts off with a deep ambient kind of sound and moves towards warmer sounds. I love happy chords and it really stood out to me. I am very excited to share this song because i’ve had it for 2 years. This one is very dear to me, it can be a reminder on the cold days that it’s not gonna be like that forever. something always brings you back.

The EP is gonna be special because i get to look back at this as the beginning.”

EP opener ‘Pretend’is about the emotional insecurities you can suffer at a young age when you’re experiencing things for the first time and you can’t explain them. A hypnotic drumbeat and shimmering textures are prevalent throughout this slickly-produced track, setting the tone for the rest of this colourful EP.

‘Falling For You’courageously tackles the intense feelings you get once you fall in love.This breezy and vibrant tune perfectly demonstrates the fine balance okaywill has struck between feel-good bedroom-pop with nonchalant vocals, and emotionally adept lyricism that tackles relatable topics.

okaywill offers a more philosophical perspective on ‘The Journey’. The Combination of a constantly pinging beat with the slower-tempoed vocals that chant “till i get back to you’ creates an ambient earworm that won’t leave your head.

okaywill is on a mission of self discovery and his debut EP confirms that he is a young artist with unrivalled potential.

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