Joni Void shares a new video for the “Non-Dit” and “Heart Lag” playlist

June 4, 2019
Sonya Stefan


Joni Void is sharing a new video for the song “Non-Dit” – created, performed, and shot by Jean Cousin (aka Joni Void) alongside frequent collaborator Sonya Stefan, the video draws inspiration from Joni Void’s riveting live show while highlighting Stefan’s beautifully gauzy, dream-like visual aesthetic.

In the artists’ own words: “The visual worlds of video artist Sonya Stefan and Joni Void collide for Mise En Abyme, as her experimental 16mm films meet the glass-effected projections from JV’s live performances, combined here to form a multi-layered “screen in a screen in a screen” music video for “Non-Dit.” Naomie de Lorimier (aka N NAO) prepares bouquets in a trance-like state, and performs vocal loops, while Sonya & Joni smudge the digital video with light-works and shots of flowers from two 16mm projectors, with crystals, glass and water placed in front.” 

Alongside the video, Joni Void has also put together a playlist entitled Heart Lag. Described as “a personal soundtrack of sorts, a glimpse of a sound-world that accompanied Jean while creating Mise En Abyme – featuring two that sampled in the album, and artists/friends that Joni Void has remixes of.

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