Hypnosister Launches Exclusive Audio-Visual Experience

June 7, 2019
Neil Chapman

Hypnosister Launches Exclusive Audio-Visual Experience for Free

Hypnosister‘s Damian Hughes believes it is important to give as much as you possibly can, and he wants to follow in the footsteps of the creators of worlds that he has explored in the past.

Following the recent release of the “Breath” video, starting Friday 7th June, Hughes will be offering fans a deeper look into the Hypnosister world in the form of an “exclusive audio-visual experience” followed by a revamped “Special Edition” version of the EP for free.

Breathe which was unveiled at the end of May, captures Hypnosister‘s sheer intensity, musically and visually. Breathe is the perfect blend of doom, rock and pop- an illustrious mix from a musician who blends multiple genres to create something very unique. Hypnosister is a master at pulling down boundaries between artist and listeners, and not only with the recent single but the new visual experience is another way that Hypnosister brings the hype. Continuing to effortlessly create his own community. Damian is a compelling creative in all aspects- engaging, always.

Speaking of the new experience we can all engage in, Damian shares- “It means so much to me whenever anyone gets into what I’m doing, and it seems like when people do get into it, they get really really into it, which is something I can totally relate to,” says Hughes. “When I get into something, I want to find every last bit of content and all the information I can. I want to be able to give that to the people that are into Hypnosister. I’m building a world for you to explore.”

The whole package will be available for free to subscribers of Hypnosister’s mailing list which you can sign up to at

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